Our most profound growth happens when we’re able to step out of our comfort zone and shift the way in which we see the world.
— Linden Schaffer, Pravassa founder

5 Ways to Know You Are Ready to Book a PRAVASSA Wellness Vacation

It’s true, not every vacation is a wellness vacation. So how is a wellness vacation different than a regular vacation? While taking time off from your jam-packed daily life to relax and recharge is key to any healthy lifestyle, a wellness vacation differentiates itself as a conscious commitment to whole body well-being. Here are 5 surefire ways to know you’re ready to join us for a #changedbytravel experience.

EXCITED TO CONNECT WITH A NEW CULTURE - From participation in local festivals to invite-only dinners to giveback opportunities, which become an exercise in both giving and receiving, Pravassa aims to show you more than just an item on your bucket-list. Our tours weave together an experience that exposes you to many parts of a culture – the must see spots as well as local gems. We ask you to open your heart and mind to the possibilities of learning something new.

WILLING TO STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE - Outside your comfort zone is where our most profound personal growth happens and shifts how we relate to the world. Pravassa works with local boutique hotels, and while they may not subscribe to Western amenities, you will enjoy a deluxe travel experience. We purposefully schedule free time throughout our tours so that you can explore a destination on your own and do what you need to center yourself. Your willingness to come along for the ride will leave you with an experience you will not regret.

ARE READY TO GET PHYSICAL - Movement is key to our overall health and our wellness tours are designed for those who are able to embrace the physical. On each journey we offer a range of physical activities including: bike rides, fitness classes, hiking, walking tours, yoga, and more. These activities often take place outdoors in varying weather conditions and can include sitting on the ground and walking on uneven terrain. We work to offer adjustments and different levels of activity. Plus you always have the opportunity to skip any portion that does not resonate with you.

LOOKING TO FORM NEW CONNECTIONS  - At Pravassa, travel is all about the people you meet along the way as they color the experience like nothing else. When traveling with us, you’ll have the opportunity to meet amazing people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and age groups. This makes our trips idea for solo travelers, couples, and experienced travelers who are looking for a deeper connection

OPEN TO GOING INWARD – On every Pravassa wellness vacation, we ask that you make a commitment to yourself. We provide wellness education that can take the form of meditation, breathwork, journaling, yoga, and self-care. Our wellness guides are on-site to hold space for you to have a transformative experience and support you on your path to wellness.

It’s through open minds that the best journeys unfold and we hope that you’ll join us for a life-changing experience.