From small group travel to customized private wellness getaways, Pravassa offers a range of experiences to conquer your wanderlust.



Our signature small group travel experiences bring together like-minded people who are looking for a unique way to journey through the world. Step out of your comfort zone knowing that we have personally scouted each location we escort you to and have created lasting wellness relationships around the world. Our one-stop-shop experiences leaves the planning and logistics to us and lets you enjoy your time away from home. The hardest decision you will have to make could be between receiving a wellness treatment or shopping a local market in your free time. And if that’s too much to handle, not to worry, we are on-site to guide you in the right direction. 


Fallen in love with one of our signature programs but cannot join our set dates? Want to create a bespoke travel experience to commemorate a big birthday? Looking for the perfect mix of wellness and travel to de-stress just the two of you? We will happily take our wellness itineraries and customize them to meet your needs any time of year.  


From straw huts in Bali to cutting-edge modern structures in Spain, wellness resorts come in different shapes and sizes and offer wellness programming just as diverse. If you have limited time and want to achieve a specific goal from curing an ailment and jump-starting a fitness routine to learning to live a more creative life and correcting poor sleep habits, wellness resorts employ the staff and often create the programming to help you. With limited time to sort through the scope of the offerings or determine which setting is right for you, Pravassa will provide expert knowledge and book you into the resort that is right for you.   


Looking for more information than you can find online? Ready to hit the book button, but are unsure that you'll be getting exactly the wellness vacation you want? Our experienced wellness staff has traveled to six continents, 47 countries (and counting!) and countless cities around the world all in the name of wellness travel. Hire us and pick our brain when it comes to advice, insight and answers for your burning wellness FAQs. This services includes a 45-minute phone or Skype consultation plus one complete email follow up.