Re-Entry after Travel

You’ve just spent much needed 'me time' away from the daily grind. Having immersed into a glorious wellness travel experience. Yet real life beckons and on the flight home the reality of errands and laundry await. Reentering life after a vacation can take as much commitment as preparing for it did. So can you hold onto that magical ‘changed by travel’ feeling assimilating back into your routine?

Express your reentry needs

There's nothing worse then being in blissed out vacation mode and walking directly into chaos. The last day of your trip, email your family or roommate saying you can’t wait to see them, but you’d love to hold onto that chill vacation vibe. It might mean asking your children to have their toys off the floor, asking your partner to tidy the kitchen or expressing the need for silence in your room instead of a vacation download with your bestie. 

Keep your schedule open

Some people enjoy having a full day at home before returning to work. This is a great way to help you ease back into a daily routine. For you, jet lag maintenance might sound better by clearing your evenings to honor an early bedtime. If you didn't clear your schedule for your first week back, don't feel guilty canceling plans to keep a mindful balance.

Stop checking your phone

The second an airplane lands, the first thing most people do is turn on their phone. There is no faster way to kill a vacation high than immediately reconnecting to the life that you need to take a break from. Instead commit to being present while you wait for your luggage and make the journey back home. Challenge yourself and see if you can last until morning before plugging in again.

Say it with a smile

A smile is contagious and puts people at ease. Hold onto your calm tranquil air by paying that feeling forward. Often the people we interact with react to how they are treated. Keeping a tone of serenity around you can be done if you give off that relaxing vacation energy you just spent time cultivating.


You created so many wonderful memories while traveling. From your favorite landscape or hotel to an amazing spa treatment, meal, or a breakthrough you had during a wellness session. At some point during your journey time stopped and you relished in what you were doing at that exact moment. Take a few moments daily to recall this present moment feeling and let it send you back to your happy place.


Powerful shifts happen during travel. Seeing another part of the world can transform your spirit, deep physical work changes your body, and an wellness eduction can reframe your mind. Remember you experienced these things in a bubble, completely removed from your daily stressors, and surrounded by others often having the same types of experiences. Post travel, we’ve had people tell us that they were ready to quit their jobs, quit their marriages, or move across country. While these actions may be the right choice in the end, we encourage you to proceed with caution. Take baby steps and assess your new ideas in familiar surroundings before taking a big leap.