welcome to the land of smiles

Loy Krathong 2015 is November 24 - 26, 2015 and is best celebrated in Chiang Mai. Click below to request a custom itinerary.


Roadside noodle joints and dusty rickshaw rides are the heart of Thailand, while Royal Palaces and opulent temples speak to the soul. Ultramodern cityscapes grown tall as wildlife fans out in search of nature. Spend time exploring tiny mountain towns, making your way through the crammed alleys of Bangkok or blissing out on the sandy beaches.  

What makes THAILAND unique

  • Buddhist Monk culture

  • muay Thai Boxing

  • World's Largest golden buddha

  • celebrate new year's with water fights



Notice super chic design, malls dedicated to over-the-top consumption, and the five-star hotels that dot the Chao Phraya river as you wander through the floating markets toward the ancient temples. Bangkok changes at an alarming rate, but by preserving its religious history, it makes room for contemplation. 

WELLNESS HIGHLIGHTS: Restored Mansion Stay, Buddhist Enlightenment Tour, Thai Massage, Muay Thai Lessons, Bicycle Day Trips.


This natural wonderland surrounded by mountains and rivers is a modern example of traditional values coexisting alongside modern conveniences. An exciting mix of locals and expats woven together under the roofs of the temples enchant every visitor that crosses its path.

WELLNESS HIGHLIGHTS: Elephant Rehab Visit, Healthy Cooking Class, Local Yoga, Thai Massage, Tour of Local Markets.


From well-known spots like Phuket to hidden islands in the Andaman Sea, opt for local life or chic retreat for your next beach holiday. 

WELLNESS HIGHLIGHTS: Underwater Caves and Snorkeling, Mangrove Kayaking, Local Yoga, Thai Massage, Island Hopping.