Palaces, temples, street food – oh my! Thailand is a wondrous kingdom with a fascinating history, unique culture, delectable food, and luxurious massage. With over 29 million visitors a year arriving in Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok, it has become a must-see city full of vibrant, cosmopolitan life mixed with traditional Thai heritage. Venture north to visit the low-key hip city Chiang Mai and it's surrounding rural towns or island hop in the south from one incredible limestone outcropping to another. 

Your culture shined an insightful light into my soul and brought me home to a part of myself I didn’t even know was missing.
— Tara Cindy

Travel THAILAND with Pravassa


Bali is Pravassa's most requested travel destination. We offer at least 1 group trip a year to the Island of the Gods. Visit a list of our current Group Trips to see the next time we touch down as well as a list of our upcoming wellness travel adventures. 


We've been offering wellness travel to Bali since 2009 and have created some incredible private travel itineraries with exclusive programming that can be booked on short notice. Request a sample brochure to get started.


From fire temple ceremonies and high-end beach clubs to cooking classes and local market visits, we've done it all. Tell us about your dream Bali vacation and we'll work with you one-on-one to custom create the ideal experience.