a largely undiscovered paradise


White-sand beaches, epic surf breaks, multi-day mountain trekking, and hot springs, it's a wonder more people are not flocking to the island of Lombok. Situated next door to Bali, this untouched island paradise is easy to navigate and is the perfect place to explore at a slower pace for a true "out to lunch" vacation. 

What makes LOMBOK unique

  • secret islands

  • world-class snorkeling

  • active volcanoes

  • challenging trekking


Mainland Beaches

The coastline of Lombok is dotted with soaring cliffs and unspoiled beaches. Choose from an ultra luxe experience offering 5-star food and spa treatments to local boutique that provides a chance to mix more with the local communities. Either way, you're in for a treat. 

WELLNESS HIGHLIGHTS: Local & Sustainable Cuisine, Private White Sand Beaches, Digital Detox opportunties, Local Yoga, Spa Treatments.

MainLand Trekking

Indonesia's second-highest volcano, Rinjani, is not for the faint of heart. You'll need at least 4-days to trek the 12,000 foot summit and if you're into waterfalls, rain forests, wildlife, hot springs, caves, and culture, then this will be for you. 

WELLNESS HIGHLIGHTS: Untouched Nature, Native Tribes, Cardio.

Secret Islands

You may have heard of some of the Gili Islands, but Lombok has over 50 small islands to discover off its coastline, many untouched and waiting to embrace you. Tell us what kind of experience you're after and we'll match you with the perfect getaway. 

WELLNESS HIGHLIGHTS: Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Pink Sand Beaches, Pearl Farming.