welcoming westerners to a new way of living

ABOUT japan

Japan holds the mystery and allure of a forbidden land that is just now opening its arms to the world and sharing its tight knit culture. Electric cities, active volcanoes and 70% of mountainous terrain coexist with Zen Buddhism, geisha girls and tea ceremonies. Open your mind and be prepared to experience a culture very unlike your own. 

What makes JAPAN unique

  • hidden culture and meaning

  • freshest fish in the world

  • forest bathing

  • onsen water Healing



Neon-lit streets, high-rise buildings and traditional neighborhoods make up the diverse sections of Tokyo. You’ll find cat cafes next to hundred-year-old shrines, Alice in Wonderland restaurants across from peaceful Zen gardens, and everywhere you turn you’ll see the Japanese lining up to experience the latest trend be it coffee or popcorn.

WELLNESS HIGHLIGHTS: Japanese Cooking Class, Robot Show, Street Food Tour, Art & Architecture Tour, Meiji Shrine Nature Walk.


The cultural and spiritual heart of Japan, Kyoto is home to more than 1,000 Buddhist temples, hundreds of Shinto shrines, imperial palaces and formal gardens. With hundred’s of Ryokans, Japanese Inns known for their family friendly service, you’ll discover what it’s like to live in modern Japan with an ancient twist. 

WELLNESS HIGHLIGHTS: Zen Master Meditation Session, Bamboo Forest Visit, Bicycle Tour, Tea Ceremony.

small villages

From Koya-san to Shirakawa-Go, there are small towns and villages that are easy to skip over when you ride the bullet train. Let us take you to some of the lesser-known locals so you can experience the diverse offering of the landscape: beaches, forests, and mountains are waiting. 

WELLNESS HIGHLIGHTS: Stay in a Zen Temple, Participate in a Pilgrimage, Learn to Lacquer, Visit Famous Gardens, Explore the Ninja Temple.