Over 17,000 islands offer 17,000 different tales


The only description that adequately describes the diverse islands of Indonesia is magical. Spend time on the Island of the Gods - Bali, hop aboard a rickety boat to watch the Komodo Dragons in Flores, harvest coffee in the morning and take an afternoon market tour in Java. Choose to be remote on your own island or the life of the party in late-night Jakarta.

What makes INDONESIA unique

  • Active volcanos

  • Komodo dragons

  • coffee plantations

  • Hindu dharma religon of bali



Blessed with a unique culture, unmatched hospitality, strong customs, and unparalleled beauty, you might just miss your flight home. Base yourself in the south if you want to catch a wave, explore Ubud to combine eco-chic with local culture, head due west to disconnect in nature or true North to snorkel in shipwrecks and meet medicine men.

WELLNESS HIGHLIGHTS: Sunrise Volcano Hike, Water Temple Cleansing, Balian Visits, Local Yoga, Vegan Food.


With a past soaked in revolution and scandal, deciding where you want to visit first will be the hard part. From modern metropolis to fields of sugar cane, striking volcanos to crowded street markets, Muslim culture to Buddhist relics, thousands of stories are yours to uncover.

WELLNESS HIGHLIGHTS: Uncover Ruins, Work on a Coffee Plantation, Cooking Class, Traditional Spa Therapies.


Harmoniously living side-by-side, visit the temple where Buddhists, Christians, Hindus and Muslims pray. Meditate on your new found world-view as you sit on the most perfect white sand beaches staring at the turquoise sea. 

WELLNESS HIGHLIGHTS: Multi-faith Temple Tours, Visit a Local Healer, Local Yoga, White Sand Beaches, Untouched Snorkeling Spots.

remote islands

Take a puddle jumper for a week of wellness resort relaxation. Hoist a healthy backpack and trek through the rainforest canopies. Cruise the high seas and visit untouched cultures. There is an option for every degree of your inner-adventurer.

WELLNESS HIGHLIGHTS: Snorkeling with Sharks, Wildlife Safari, Remote Hiking, Native Villages.