A culturally rich country of contradictions.


Brightly colored sarees, camels delivering rice to market, children on cell-phones in the slums. This romantic, heart-breaking, heart-warming, fragrant, colorful land will welcome you with open arms and change your perspective of the world. A complex, culturally rich country of contradictions, India is waiting for you. 

What makes INDIA unique

  • Ancient Forts & palaces

  • melting pot of religions

  • deep caste LINeAGE

  • Natural Healing Treatments



Still known as Bombay to locals, this metropolis of 25-million people is simultaneously overwhelming and inspiring at the same time. The English and Portuguese have left an undeniable stamp on this cosmopolitan city dotted with Hindu temples and Muslim mosques. 

WELLNESS HIGHLIGHTS: Underground Mumbai, Guided Gandhi Tour, Slum Visit, Fishing Villlage Exploration, Local Yoga, Bollywood Dance Class.


Visit the Pink City (Jaipur), the Blue City (Jodhpur) and the Lake City (Udaipur) where brilliant bazaars, bright turbans, and nomadic tribes reside. Meet local artisans who have honed their crafts for centuries and live among medieval streets in the shadow of the great kings. 

WELLNESS HIGHLIGHTS: Sanskrit Scholar Guide, Local Family Dinner, Wildlife Safari, Artisan Shopping Experience, Local Yoga.


Lush landscapes made up of tea and cardamon farms, fishing villages on the backwaters, and Ayurveda treatments on the shores of sandy beaches. Southern India is paradise and not at all what you picture when you first think of India. Spend weeks exploring from the mountainous terrain to the seaside pockets of quiet calm.

WELLNESS HIGHLIGHTS: Ayurveda Treatments, Backwater Journey, Local Family Visits, Native Dance, Local Yoga.

Delhi & Varanasi

The most populated city in India, Delhi's borders keep expanding with the influx of millennials seeking jobs. Explore the juxtaposition of ancient land and thriving metropolis. Journey to Varanasi, the soul city and explore Saṃsāra- the cycle of birth, life and reincarnation.

WELLNESS HIGHLIGHTS: Volunteer at Sheik Temple, Evening Invocations, Buddhist Scholar Tour of Sarnath, Private Market Tour, Local Yoga.