DR & Holistic Health Practitioner

Dr. Andréa Paige

DR. & Holistic Health Practitioner

My aim is to empower you. To bring you back to your own health, your own body.

A Vitality Connoisseur & BioHacking Epigeneticist, Dr. Andréa Paige is a master of lifestyle medicine. Andréa travels the world empowering people to take health back into their own hands. She has been sent to remind you: you can heal yourself. Her robust educational foundation gives her a unique perspective in the healing world as a Natural Healing Doctor. Andréa spends part of the year leading yoga teacher trainings and teaches Anatomy, Physiology & Health on programs in five continents. Currently serving on the Board of Directors for Festival Medical (USA, non-profit) & The Vedary (India), Andréa is he Founder of the Micro-biome Think Tank. Teaching from a place of resonance - where you feel what she says rather than merely intellectualize it - she has great success with people actually employing the teachings in their life. Her lectures aren't mere points of "oh, that was interesting," but rather - they are portals of activation for greater shifts in your life. Andréa's students say just being around her makes you feel more alive. Live it up with her at www.liveforivtality.com.