Yoga Instructor

I learned how to deal with turbulence in life and how to be adaptable. I learned that life is ever changing and today is a gift.

Diana Paschal is a New York City based yoga instructor, meditation teacher and life coach. She leads transformational classes and workshops, leading her clients to create more space in the body while connecting deeply with themselves and the world around them. She strives to leave her clients with a stronger inner awareness and peace. Her classes offer a thoughtful blend of yoga, meditation and pranayama, that is intelligently sequenced and emphasizes safe, proper alignment. Her practice is informed by her studies in Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Katonah yoga, and Mindfulness Meditation, and she is eternally grateful for her yoga community and teachers. When she’s not with clients, you can find her doing handstands, researching the latest in holistic health, experimenting in the kitchen, or strolling with her dog, Brutus. For her latest news and events, visit www.dianapaschalyoga.com