Yoga Instructor

Practicing yoga opens our hearts, minds, bodies and spirit.

Intelligent, playful, and heart-based is how Bita describes her approach to yoga. Emphasizing awareness, breath, core principles, and alignment, Bita integrates these techniques in both movement and in stillness providing access to our true nature. Cultivating a sacred space to open the body, free the mind, and connect with spirit, she aspires to ignite the magic of our existence and the bliss of living this presence. Bita's classes offer down to earth yogic techniques along with ways to incorporate them into our daily lives to help minimize stress, heal our bodies, and heal and focus our minds. Self-transformation and awakening within has guided Bita to teach from a place of love, respect and integrity. Having studied many different yoga styles, Bita teaches these practices along with meditation to all levels of students in the Maryland/ DC area. In addition to her 500hr ERYT certification, Bita holds a Doctorate in Medicine.