What does a Pravassa Wellness vacation look like?

What makes Pravassa's Wellness travel concept different?

Close to our heart, mind, body, and soul, our company wellness principles lay the foundation upon which every Pravassa tour is built.  No matter where in the world we take you, expect these principles to shine through on each of our wellness travel journeys.  

1) Unique Boutique Accommodations - Scouting and vetting hotels is a hallmark of our travel philosophy. Pravassa is proud to have built lasting relationships with locally run boutique hotels, supporting the communities we visit and fostering the concept of Fair Travel. Our handpicked, vetted, deluxe accommodations offer you a quiet, restful setting, enabling you to focus on self-care and reconnect with the world around you.

2) Locally Sourced Food - The best way to learn about a culture is to trace its history through food. Local recipes can tell stories across time and geography. Our wellness food philosophy — eat locally sourced food, mostly vegetables — renews our commitment to sustainability and opens a world for you to nourish your body in the best way possible. 

3) Exclusive Experiences - All Pravassa journeys give you access to expert educators and exclusive travel experiences. We craft relationships that offer insider access to cultural festivals, local residents’ homes, and onsite offerings created just for Pravassa's guests.

4) Stress-Free Travel - By expertly handling every detail of your trip, Pravassa puts you on a path to wellness and a stress-free vacation. From our exclusive travel guides and pre-departure consultations to VIP customs clearance and on-site transportation, you'll never have to sweat the small stuff with us.  

5) Time for Self-Care - In our over scheduled, constantly connected world, self-care often goes by the wayside. Pravassa gives you the permission and the time to stop, recharge, and bring joy into your life.

6) Wellness Support, Pre, During, & Post Journey - From jet-lag hacks to advice on how to stay healthy while traveling, Pravassa is here to guide and support your journey from the time you register until after you return home. Joining our connected community enhances your entire vacation experience. 


What can i expect on a Pravassa group wellness tour?

A Pravassa travel experience is more than just a vacation. We plan a stress-free vacation, which restores your best self.  Our 5-tenet wellness philosophy®: BREATH. MOVEMENT. MINDFULNESS. NOURISHMENT. EXPERIENCE. ensures you'll have a #changedbytravel experience. Here’s how:

  • We will limit this group size to a maximum of 16 travelers in order to create a harmonious tribe. 

  • We personally research and scout our itineraries ensuring they are properly vetted for wellness travel.

  • We craft each tour to balance between cultural excursions, physical activities, and down time to explore on your own.

  • We never drop you off at a must-see sight in a cattle call. Instead, we partner with expert guides who invite you to immerse in the culture for an authentic and often exclusive experience. 

  • We eschew large tour buses and instead use vans that seat three across.

  • We understand the importance of diet & nutrition and work with all our travelers to accommodate their needs.

  • We connect you to our like-minded community made up of solo travelers, couples, friends, and families, all over 18 years of age.

  • We create a Pre-Departure Package, which includes an exclusive travel guide, wellness tips and travel hacks, a wellness consultation, and access to our team who will answer all your questions. 

  • We make sure you are greeted at the airport with a friendly face to whisk you to our first location.

  • We welcome the group in an opening wellness session, during which we release the stress of traveling and discuss our upcoming itinerary. 


Do i need to book my flights to Vietnam?

Pravassa's wellness travel tours do not include international flights therefore travelers are responsible for booking their own flights into and out of the country. For this Vietnam wellness journey, you’ll fly into Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) and out of Da Nang (DAD). All flights from the US take approximately 24 hours including layovers. Travelers are responsible for booking their own international flights either via their travel advisor or on their own. We will work with to find the best route.
Do not book your flight until the tour is confirmed to depart.  


What is the Vietnam arrival & departure info?

This wellness vacation begins on March 26th at Ho Chi Minh Airport (SGN). Please make sure that your international arrival falls between 7am–2pm on this day. Upon arrival, there will be 2 group transfers to the resort. If you book a flight to arrive prior to our group departures, we will help you book early accommodations and transfers at an added cost. We cannot be responsible for missed or delayed connections.

Group departure transfers to Da Nang Airport (DAD) airport will be arranged for the afternoon. Please schedule return flights to depart after 12pm on April 5th. Departure transfers will be confirmed once travel plans have been submitted from all travelers.

Hotel check-out time is 12pm on our final day. If you wish to request a late check-out we will do our best to accommodate you. Please note there may be an additional charge for this service.

If you choose to arrive/depart outside of the set transfer times, we will be happy to help arrange your transportation for an additional fee. 


Are there entry & Travel requirements?

A Visa to travel to Vietnam is required. As part of Pravassa’s VIP arrival service, we will secure your entry letter and Visa for you. In order for us to do so, we need a copy of your passport picture page which shows that your passport is valid for 6 months after the date of entry into Vietnam (10/20). Please make sure to check your passport at least four months before your departure so you have time to renew it if necessary.

For this trip we suggest packing no more than a 10kg/22lb suitcase and a tote or backpack — we'll offer tips & tricks on how to do this! A packing list will be sent as part of your pre-departure package, but to get started you'll need: light layers, yoga/fitness clothes, earplugs, and a good pair of walking shoes.  

Are there health/medical concerns?

Please consult a travel doctor and the CDC website for up-to-date travel vaccinations. 

We STRONGLY recommend you purchase travel coverage for your trip. Travel insurance can be inexpensive and it covers things such as trip delay, trip cancelation, lost luggage, and medical emergencies. Even if you're healthy, accidents can happen! We are happy to refer you to our preferred travel insurance company. 

Stomach problems can be common when traveling. Drinking a lot of water is the best way to stay healthy. We suggest you pack activated charcoal and probiotics to keep your gut healthy and calm should it become upset. Small drug stores are available in Vietnam should you need anything on the trip. 


What level are the active excursions?

Vietnam’s Activity Level is MODERATE. Focus is on walking, bicycling, climbing temple stairs, mindful movement, sitting for meditation, and treks through nature. These activities will be done on uneven ground and in direct sunlight.

Our #changedbytravel hashtag is most appropriate when you find yourself far away from home in a foreign land. Expect to be taken out of your comfort zone, where your most profound personal change will happen. For active experiences in Vietnam, we ask that you wear good walking shoes.  

What can I expect in the Mindfulness Classes?

All mindful wellness classes in Vietnam will be held outdoors in open-air spaces. The temperatures in Vietnam will fluctuate based on our location. We schedule classes in the early morning or late afternoon in order to avoid the hottest times of day. During the daily mindfulness classes with Lena Franklin, you'll learn the art of mindfulness meditation and movement, healing breathwork, Buddhist psychology, and other ancient Eastern healing modalities. All the practices are intended to help you shed the chronic stress and tension of daily life so you can discover the truth of who you are beneath the incessant stream of thoughts we experience daily. No prior experience is required, just an open mind.

Remember that you have the freedom to skip any activity that does not resonate with you. 


Are there additional fees?

International airfare, meals not mentioned on the itinerary, alcohol, personal expenses, additional activities such as day tours, transportation, or spa appointments booked in addition to our itinerary will all be additional fees.

What do I need to know about traveling in Vietnam?

  • The national languages of Vietnam is Vietnamese. Westerners are not expected to learn the language. We’ll teach you a few key phrases and our experts will be there to guide you, so no need to worry.

  • A Visa is required to visit Vietnam. Pravassa will secure this as part of our VIP travel service, the cost is included in your package.

  • All transactions in Vietnam are done Vietnamese Dong and cash is king outside of the hotels. No need to get Dong prior to arrival, as ATMs and money changers are available in our travel locations and offer the best exchange rates. We will provide suggested spending amounts prior to arrival.

  • Tipping, while not customary in Vietnam, it is appreciated. Round up when paying taxi fare, leave 50K Dong at restaurants, and hand 100K directly to your massage therapist.

  • Temperatures in Vietnam will between 85-95℉ with relative humidity around 60% during the time of our visit.

  • Electricity is 220/240V and outlets have 2 flat prongs like in the U.S. or 2 round prongs as in Europe. Please come prepared with both. Power is known to cut in and out, so bringing a travel surge protector is a good idea.

  • WiFi is available in the hotels we are visiting, but there will be no WiFi during our time on the Mekong Delta. We encourage device-free mealtime.

  • While pickpocketing is prevalent in every large city across the world, we've not had a problem in Vietnam. You'll receive our guide on how to protect your belongs while traveling. We suggest you be aware of your surroundings and not travel after dark unless you’ve prearranged transportation with Pravassa.

  • Dress standards are conservative throughout Asia so we recommend modest clothing that covers your shoulders and knees for your own comfort.

  • Drinking filtered or bottled water is your best bet for a happy gut. It's cheap, available everywhere, and you'll have some in your room to use to brush your teeth.

  • Smoking is unregulated in Vietnam and remains very popular.

  • Pho, food stalls, and banh mi are Vietnamese food options that are likely to sound familiar and we cannot wait for you to try all of them! Pravassa curates our group meals based on our wellness food philosophy: eat real food, mostly vegetables, with the healthiest ingredients available, allowing us to accommodate dietary requests. Vegetarianism is a new concept in Vietnam. Telling someone you don’t eat meat usually translates to "no pork," therefore you will need to be very specific about your requests when dining alone.

  • Travel stresses your immune system. We'll provide you some wellness ways to stay healthy, but we also suggest taking vitamins and washing your hands to avoid getting sick.