Close to our heart, mind, body, and soul, our company wellness principles lay the foundation upon which every Pravassa tour is built.  No matter where in the world we take you, expect these principles to shine through on each of our wellness travel journeys.  

1) Unique Boutique Accommodations - Scouting and vetting hotels is a hallmark of our travel philosophy. Pravassa is proud to have built lasting relationships with locally run boutique hotels, supporting the communities we visit and fostering the concept of Fair Travel. Our handpicked, vetted, deluxe accommodations offer you a quiet, restful setting, enabling you to focus on self-care and reconnect with the world around you.

2) Locally Sourced Food - The best way to learn about a culture is to trace its history through food. Local recipes can tell stories across time and geography. Our wellness food philosophy — eat locally sourced food, mostly vegetables — renews our commitment to sustainability and opens a world for you to nourish your body in the best way possible. 

3) Exclusive Experiences - All Pravassa journeys give you access to expert educators and exclusive travel experiences. We craft relationships that offer insider access to cultural festivals, local residents’ homes, and onsite offerings created just for Pravassa's guests.

4) Stress-Free Travel - By expertly handling every detail of your trip, Pravassa puts you on a path to wellness and a stress-free vacation. From our exclusive travel guides and pre-departure consultations to VIP customs clearance and on-site transportation, you'll never have to sweat the small stuff with us.  

5) Time for Self-Care - In our over scheduled, constantly connected world, self-care often goes by the wayside. Pravassa gives you the permission and the time to stop, recharge, and bring joy into your life.

6) Wellness Support, Pre, During, & Post Journey - From jet-lag hacks to advice on how to stay healthy while traveling, Pravassa is here to guide and support your journey from the time you register until after you return home. Joining our connected community enhances your entire vacation experience. 

What can i expect on a wellness travel group tour?

Wellness travel is immersive and authentic. It leaves the traveler transformed. It creates a strong connection to the soul of a place, which in turn enlivens our own connection: to our personal well-being. Wellness travel combines quiet in order to hear yourself think, permission to invest in self-care, and interaction with cultures that offer transformative perspectives on day-today life.

The Pravassa approach provides travelers a more meaningful way to travel. Consciously connecting travelers in groups of fewer than 18 people, through our trademarked 5-tenent wellness philosophy: Breath. Movement. Mindfulness. Nourishment. Experience. Pravassa takes you places that allow you to engage with the world around you, prioritize self-care, redefine happiness, and harness the power to make intentional decisions in your daily life now and in the future.

For this wellness vacation you’ll experience Pravassa’s hallmark customer service through the hotel properties, which were vetted to pass strict wellness standards, local ingredients tied to a nourishing food philosophy: Eat locally sourced food, mostly vegetables, a commitment to sustainable practices that reduce the use of paper and plastic, and overall handling of all the details giving you permission to stop, recharge, and focus on the fun part: enjoying your travel experience.

Do i need to book my flights to Costa Rica?

The price of this wellness journey does not include flights. Travelers are responsible for booking their own international flights. For this wellness group trip, you’ll fly into and out of Costa Rica’s San Jose (SJO) airport. All flights from the US take approximately 5-7 hours including layovers. If you are flying from the Baltimore area, Southwest has some direct flight options.
Do not book your flight until the tour is confirmed to depart.


What is the Costa Rica arrival & departure info?

Our trip begins on Feb 8th at Costa Rica’s San Jose (SJO) airport. Please make sure that your international connection allows for your arrival between 8am –12pm on this day. Upon arrival at SJO, there will be a group transfer to the resort. If you book a flight to arrive prior to our group departure, we will help you book early accommodations and transfers at an added cost. We cannot be responsible for missed or delayed connections.

A group departure transfer to Costa Rica’s San Jose (SJO) airport will be arranged. Please schedule departure flights out of Costa Rica to depart after 12:30pm on Feb 15th. Departure transfers will be confirmed once travel plans have been submitted from all travelers. If you choose to arrive/depart outside of the set transfer times or are interested in adding on to your time in Costa Rica, we are more than happy to work with you to arrange a customWELL extension for an additional fee.


Are there entry & Travel requirements?

All travelers’ passports MUST be valid for 6 months after the date of entry into Costa Rica (8/20). Please make sure to check your passport at least three months before your departure so you have time to renew it if necessary. No Visas are required for North American visitors.

For this trip we suggest packing no more than a 12kg/25lb suitcase — we'll offer tips & tricks on how to do this! A packing list will be sent as part of your pre-departure package, but to get started you'll need: lightweight clothing, yoga/fitness clothes, a bathing suit, and a good pair of hiking shoes!

Are there health/medical concerns?

Please consult a travel doctor and the CDC website for up-to-date travel vaccinations.

We STRONGLY recommend you purchase additional travel insurance coverage for the rest of your trip. Travel insurance can be inexpensive and covers things such as trip delay, trip cancelation, and lost luggage. We are happy to refer you to our preferred travel insurance company.

Stomach problems can be common when traveling. Drinking a lot of water is the best way to stay healthy. We suggest you pack activated charcoal and probiotics to keep your gut healthy and calm should it become upset. Small drug stores are available in Costa Rica should you need anything on the trip.


What level are the active excursions?

Costa Rica’s Activity Level is MODERATE. Focus is on walking, mindful movement, sitting for meditation, and treks through nature. These activities will be done on uneven ground and possibly at night or in direct sunlight. For active experiences in Costa Rica (hiking, village visits, etc.) we ask that you wear good walking or hiking shoes, dress for the heat, and respect the local culture; covering your shoulders and knees in churches. Fitness levels but can be adjusted to accommodate your individual needs. It's important to remember that you have the freedom to skip any activity that does not resonate with you.

The #changedbytravel hashtag is most appropriate when you find yourself far away from home in a foreign land. Expect to be taken out of your comfort zone, where your most profound personal change will happen.

What can I expect in the Wellness Classes?

Wellness classes in Costa Rica will be held both indoors and outdoors in open-air spaces. The temperature in Costa Rica will fluctuate: cool in the mornings in the mountains and rising throughout the day. We schedule the classes in the early morning or late afternoon so please bring layers to be prepared. Sessions will be a mixture of mindful movement and seated meditation to stretch and stimulate your body and mind. Our yoga masters, Bita Jenkins & Moses Brown, will offer modifications should you have any restrictions. Please note these practices are active movement, but no prior experience is needed.


Are there additional fees?

International airfare, alcohol, personal expenses, additional activities such as day tours, or spa treatments booked in addition to our itinerary will all be additional fees.


What do I need to know about traveling in Costa Rica?

  • The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish, but 90% of people speak English so you'll have very little problems communicating. As a conscious traveler we suggest you download a translation app such as Google Translate and learn few words in the local language.

  • No Visa is required to visit Costa Rica.

  • Most transactions are done in US Dollars. There is not much you’ll need to buy that cannot be put on a credit card, but when bringing cash, we suggest having plenty of small bills. We will provide suggested spending amounts prior to arrival.

  • Tipping is usual for waiters, tour guides, and taxi drivers with 5 -10% as average. Your tour includes tips for the guides and drivers for our group activities.

  • Costa Rica weather varies from region to region, but hot, humid, sunny days can be expected. While cooler in the mountains, it averages around 85° during the day and cooling down to 65° at night. Make sure to pack layers and log on to a weather app to confirm the forecast before you depart.

  • Costa Rican roadways are not all developed. Traversing the natural wonder of the land through the farms and mountains can mean unpaved dirt roads, which are small and winding. If you get easily car sick, we suggest bringing ginger or essential oils to calm your stomach.

  • Electricity is the same as in the US.

  • WiFi is available in the hotels we'll be visiting, yet mostly in common areas. We encourage device-free mealtime.

  • Zika, a mosquito born illness has been reported throughout the Americas. To protect against mosquito bites, please travel with repellant and plan to cover your arms and legs with long sleeves and pants. To learn more, please visit the World Health Organization.

  • Drinking filtered or bottled water is your best bet for a happy gut. It's cheap, available everywhere, and you'll have some in your room to use to brush your teeth.

  • Costa Rica is paradise for fresh food. During your time in the country expect to find fresh fruit and vegetables, chicken, beans, rice, seafood, and more. Grown in the temperate hillsides, Costa Rican coffee is another not-to-miss local speciality. The country’s rich coffee history is worn proudly and most coffee served is locally grown and roasted so enjoy it!

  • Travel stresses your immune system. We suggest taking vitamins and washing your hands to avoid getting sick.