On the forefront of the wellness travel movement, Pravassa's itineraries are vetted, curated wellness travel experiences crafted to address the self-care needs and the time constraints of today's modern explorer. Using our proven 5-tenet wellness travel philosophy®: Breathe. Move. Mindfulness. Nourish. Experience. we offer authentic real life opportunities to engage with the world around you.

Create the ultimate solo travel experience, design a couples holiday with the perfect mix of wellness, or dream up a girls getaway for a small group of friends. Whatever your aim, Pravassa helps discerning travelers discover a deeper dimension to travel, while redefining happiness, which will leave you #changedbytravel. 


Ancient cultures and Aboriginal tribes to natural wonders and vast quiet landscapes, Pravassa has vetted each experience in order for you to enjoy the maximum wellness benefits. Let us send you to any of the following locations:

Costa Rica
New Zealand


Have another destination in mind? Let us know. 


Our priority is to provide you a stress-free vacation, which nourishes your whole body well-being. Each private travel itinerary will be customized to suit your needs, but here is a sample of what we may include:

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

  • Flight Assistance: VIP Customs Clearance, Private Transfers, In-country Land and Air Transfers.
  • Accommodations: Deluxe Boutique & 5-star Options.
  • Dining: Locally-Sourced Nutrient-Rich Meals.
  • Self-Care: Mindfulness, Meditation, Stress Reduction, and Spa Treatments.
  • Movement: Yoga, Hiking, Biking, Dance, and Fitness Activities.
  • Locations: Peaceful Surroundings and Outdoor Immersions.
  • Culture: Exclusive Experiences and Authentic Interaction. 
Traveling with Pravassa is life-changing. The care and dedication of the staff allowed me to stop, breathe, and reflect.
— Alice K.


One of the best parts of traveling to a new destination is experiencing the local community and culture. Pravassa is proud to have built lasting relationships with locally run boutique hotels, supporting the communities you will visit and fostering the concept of Fair Travel. Our handpicked, vetted, deluxe accommodations around the world offer a quiet, restful setting enabling you to focus on self-care and reconnecting with the world around you.


Pravassa's travel difference is reflected in our company wellness standards, which hold the foundations for every trip crafted by our award-winning team. Expect:

  • Unique boutique or 5-star local luxury accommodations that have been vetted by our team
  • Locally-sourced, nutrient rich food
  • Exclusive wellness experiences created just for Pravassa
  • Time to relish in self-care
  • Wellness support pre, during, and post travel allowing for a stress-free journey
I have participated in two wellness trips with Pravassa and loved both. The amazing blend of wellness, culture, beauty, and spiritual inspiration along with Pravassa’s painstaking research helped create the perfect blend.
— Judy R.


Our customWELL, private wellness travel tours, offer variety of options. After you complete the intro questionnaire, a Pravassa wellness travel specialist will be in touch to talk through your vacation ideas. Destinations and hotels range in price, but expect our curated experiences to start at $400 per person per day.