Your idea of wellness is unique to you. With so many destinations offering wellness travel opportunities, you want to be sure you're choosing the location that will fulfill your vacation needs. In order for us to carry out our mission of providing self-care, we like to schedule a short consultation with you to discuss the type of wellness resort you'd like to explore.


Pravassa's consultWELL service includes one 45-minute phone or Skype consultation plus one complete email follow up. Due to the nature of Pravassa's travel schedule, we require a 2-week window in order to properly provide this consulting service. To get started, please contact us by completing the form below.

Please complete below questionnaire and a wellness travel advisor will contact you.

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examples: Digital Detox, Stress Reduction, Sleep Program, Weight-loss Program, Ayurvedic Medicine, etc.
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By completing this questionnaire, you are requesting to hire Pravassa for our consultWELL service. All #ConsultWell services carry a $150 fee for the initial 45-minute consult plus one follow up email. Additional consult requests for the same vacation will be charged at $100/hour. Fees are collected prior to the consult. Should the consult be canceled without being rescheduled, Pravassa will refund the initial fee minus a $25 cancelation fee. All payments are non-refundable once you speak with a Pravassa travel advisor.