Pravassa specializes in forming relationships with locally run and managed hotels that support the communities we are visiting to foster wellness around the world. Our hotel choice in Cartagena is a restored mansion. Every room is different with shared common spaces throughout the property. This unique setting will enable you to experience the heart and charm of the walled city.

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A charming UNESCO World Heritage city on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, Cartagena’s Walled City is just a starting point for exploring and experiencing the rich multicultural flavor of the city. Our home for the week is in a restored Baroque mansion that is sub divided into multi-room apartments. The glamorous setting provides indoor-outdoor living, loads of common space, and in-apartment kitchens. Enjoy the spectacular city views from the roof top and step out the door into a central plaza to experience local life. All rooms have A/C and Wifi access.  

Note this luxe mansion offer private bedrooms, but you will be in a larger shared space.