Pravassa Co-Branded Vacations

As pioneers of wellness travel, Pravassa, an award-winning company, offers vetted, curated travel experiences crafted to address the self-care needs and time constraints of today's modern traveler. Since 2009 Pravassa has been offering travelers authentic real life opportunities to engage with the world around them. Our small group itineraries help wellness traveler's redefine happiness through our proven 5-tenet wellness travel philosophy®, which leave everyone #changedbytravel.

The Pravassa Advantage

    As a wellness educator, you spend a great deal of time developing your loyal clientele and marketing each experience creatively. Partnering with Pravassa provides:

    • 8 years of wellness travel experience in over 15 countries.
    • Proven 5-tenet wellness travel philosophy®: BREATHE. MOVE. MINDFULNESS. NOURISH. EXPERIENCE. 
    • Award-winning programming designed and vetted by best selling author and Pravassa founder Linden Schaffer.
    • Trained wellness travel concierges that offer expertise and stress-free planning.
    • Access to Pravassa's network of travel agents who sell Pravassa vacations to their clients.
    • Opportunities to be featured with our PR company who is regularly pitching major media outlets.  
    • Inclusion on Pravassa's eNewsletters, which mails to over 55,000 people. 


    Our travel difference

    Close to our heart, mind, body, and soul, our company wellness principles lay the foundation upon which every Pravassa tour is built.  No matter where in the world we take you, expect these principles to shine through on each of our wellness travel journeys.  

    Unique Boutique Accommodations - Pravassa is proud to have built lasting relationships with locally run boutique hotels, supporting the communities we visit and fostering the concept of Fair Travel. Our handpicked, vetted, deluxe accommodations offer quiet, restful setting enabling self-care.

    Locally Sourced Food - Our wellness food philosophy: eat locally sourced food, mostly vegetables; renews our commitment to sustainability and opens a world for you to nourish your body in the best way possible. 

    Exclusive Experiences - All Pravassa journeys give travelers access to exclusive experiences that offer insider access such as cultural festivals and local's homes.

    Wellness Support, Pre, During, & Post Journey - From our exclusive wellness travel guide and one-on-one consultations before departure to built in downtime on the trip to opportunities to stay connected to our wellness travel community, our customer support enhances the entire vacation experience. 

    Group TRAVEL Offerings

    It takes a minimum of 9-months lead time to craft a co-branded travel experience.

    experiencewell journey

    Pravassa’s signature travel program focuses on exploring our 5-tenet wellness philosophy through cultural interaction. These itineraries offer between 2 to 3 locations/hotel stops allowing for a broader immersive travel experience. Pravassa's on-site wellness concierge, is responsible for coordinating logistics and helping to facilitate a stress-free travel experience for attendees, which allows wellness educators to focus on teaching and spending time with the attendees.


    • Minimum 8 people, maximum 20 people
    • 8 to 14 days
    • Primarily in Asia
    • Focus on cultural tours and interaction
    • One daily in-class wellness session with additional support throughout the day

    All-inclusive packages start at $500/day retail.



    Pravassa’s intensive wellness program centers around achieving a specific goal with a set curriculum. Here your teaching is the main focus allowing for an intimate, engrossing immersion. These itineraries are typically held in 1 hotel or retreat center and balanced with at least one off-site activity, a nourishing food menu, as well as Pravassa's on-site tour escort/wellness concierge, is responsible for coordinating logistics and helping to facilitate a stress-free travel experience for attendees.


    • Minimum 8 people, maximum 25 people
    • 5 to 8 days
    • Primarily in Central America
    • Focus on wellness education
    • Two daily in-class wellness sessions with additional support throughout the day

    All-inclusive packages start at $400/day retail.


    Private label and back-end support

    If you are interested in hiring Pravassa to create or coordinate your own wellness travel vacation, we have some additional options, which we'll gladly discuss during our call. 


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    After speaking with a wellness travel advisor, if partnering with Pravassa proceeds, a $300 proposal fee is collected in order to hold the dates on our calendar and create a custom tour package.