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3 Workplace Wellness Tips for Focus



Summer's over and the dreaded return to shorter days and a full-on heavy fall work schedule are here. (We're already daydreaming about our next vacation!) Don't let the stress of your to-do list get you down. Instead try these quick made for work tips to increase your wellness right now:

Work in 90-minute intervals – Uninterrupted short work sessions help you to avoid exhaustion. Reward your work with a healthy break such as watering your office plants to allow for renewal.

Take a Stroll – Researchers at the University of Birmingham found that a walk can immediately change your mood for the better as well as provide better you with a better ability to handle stress at work.

Turn off your Phone – Shuck that Pavlovian response and take control of whom you text and when. Stash your phone in your drawer while you work for that 90-minute interval and challenge yourself to extend it. 

Create Wellness at Work



The future of the workplace is evolving and leaning more and more toward wellness. Offering standing desks, organic cafeterias and in-house yoga are small list of some of the perks that startups pitch to prospective employees. Just because your company has been around for years doesn't mean you can't stand out as a wellness leader in you office. Pitch these ideas at your next meeting and a way to improve productivity and give people a reason to be excited to be in the office.

Ban digital devices from meetings – Get through more material in less time, as you will have everyone’s undivided attention.

Create renewal zones in the office– Set up meditation areas, nap zones, or an indoor garden to take people out of their cubical environment and into some new headspace.

Restock the kitchen/vending machines with healthy snack choices Conditioning people to stop eating as a stress response is going to take time. Aid the consumer of healthier foods by providing fresh fruit, nuts, and protein for high-nutrient fuel-efficient options.