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6 Immunity-Boosting Travel Tips



We’ve all been there: You’ve been counting down the minutes until your upcoming vacation, only to be knocked out by a cold or virus merely hours after arriving at your destination. Contrary to popular belief, flying won’t make you sick – but a compromised immune system will, and the recycled air in airports and airplanes is a prime place for germs to spread. While hand and seat sanitizers can work wonders while in flight, a healthy immune system is the best way to combat sickness, particularly leading up to long travel day. Scroll down for our top six pre-travel supplements, elixirs and lifestyle hacks to keep you healthy in-transit and beyond.

VITAMIN D:  Vitamin D is crucial to activating our immune defenses, according to research from the Mayo Clinic. Although our bodies produce Vitamin D when exposed to the sun, it can be difficult to get adequate amounts during the long winter months. Supplements are a great way to boost the immune system, just make sure you look for at least 600 international units (IU) per day when choosing one. Prefer to go the whole food route? Fatty fish, cheese and egg yolks are all rich in Vitamin D. Bonus: Vitamin D can also help aid in digestive health and brain health—a win-win. 

CHAGA MUSHROOM ELIXIR We’re huge fans of Four Sigmatic’s superfood mushroom beverages, and when it comes to boosting immunity, and we swear by the Chaga Mushroom Elixir mix. One packet contains extremely high antioxidant properties that support your daily wellness, energy levels, and protect your immune functions. Simply throw a packet in your carry on, ask the stewardess for a cup of hot water and voilà—you’ve got yourself an instant immunity elixir. 

MAINTAIN YOUR ZEN: Your first line of defense against illness is adopting a healthy lifestyle, and this means doing everything you can to reduce chronic stress. Cortisol, the primary stress hormone, can alter the immune system and suppress digestion when consistently activated. Help keep stress at bay by adopting a consistent yoga practice, practicing daily meditation and developing deep breathing techniques. The great news is these practices travel, which means staying zen on the road is doable. 

EZC PACK: When it’s time to bust out the big guns (think: it’s been a long flu season and you’re boarding a red eye flight), we turn to this kit of heavy-duty Echinacea, Zinc and Vitamin C supplements. Starting this tapered pack five days before travel will enhance your body’s normal immune defenses and help you stay healthy amidst a plane of coughing strangers. 

PLENTY OF SHUT-EYE: Lack of sleep can wreak havoc on our immunity and leave us susceptible to colds and other viruses, our founder Linden Schaffer knows all about this and upped her sleep game when starting Pravassa. She details this along with the science behind sleep in her book Living Well on the Road. While all our bodies are different, getting between seven to eight hours of sleep per night is key and a non-negotiable in the days before you travel. Your immune system will thank you! - Leah Abraham

{We're Obsessed} Lemongrass Tea



Wellness History in: Bali, Brazil, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mexico, and Togo.
Prescribed for: Achy joints, digestive issues, exhaustion, high blood pressure, insomnia, and stomachaches.

Found in the tropical climates of India, Southeast Asia, and Oceania, the lemongrass plant is used in food and tea as an herbal remedy. Lemongrass tea recipes can be found in many herbal medicine practices across the world. Mexican folk medicine calls for the tea to calm nervous disorders, Brazilians prescribe it treat digestive problems, and Amazonian cultures regularly drink the tea as a natural sleep aid. The taste of lemongrass can be quite strong so be warned. In the U.S. I've had a difficult time finding tea that is just lemongrass. What I've found is usually mixed with ginger or a citrus fruit; therefore I've resorted to making it myself. - Linden Schaffer

Want to try some of the best lemongrass tea in the world? Book a trip with us to Bali or India and sip fantastic homemade versions.

To Visa or Not to Visa



Albania? No
Burma? Yes
Turkey? On Arrival

If you've ever played the game "Do I need a visa to travel here?", the brilliant new website Passport Index is here to make sure you're a winner every time. This online database of the world's passports and all boarder regulations makes it easy to figure out the entry rules. Headed for a solo jaunt criss-crossing Southeast Asia? Enter your home country details to prepare before you leave home. Meeting up with friends for a multi-cultural around the world adventure? Use the Compare tool (pictured above) to see which of your group will get a free pass - hello Germany - and whom will have to do a little more planning. Now if only the site would get the visa for you.

Eliminate THE Stress of International Travel

You're floating on a cloud. The sound of the ocean crashing to shore is your soundtrack. The sun is warming your face. Then smack - you're elbowed out of the way by a frantic traveler who is panicking at the thought of a missed flight. Come to think of it, if this Customs line doesn't