Nikki Vargas

Head to Nicaragua Now!



We've been sending our adventurous customWELL travelers to Nicaragua for a few years now and every time they have rave reviews. From the culture activities to the surf spots to the chic eco-friendly hotel options, there so much to see and do.

Writer Nikki Vargas summed it up in Savoteur best: Like its neighbor, Costa Rica, Nicaragua is a lush and magical place. Unlike Costa Rica, though, it's not overrun with fanny-pack-toting tourists. If Nicaragua is near the bottom of your travel bucket list, don't blame yourself: Many people don't know just how much it offers. But once you're clued in, you'll definitely want to go. Here's why:

1. Nicaragua Is a Budget-Friendly Destination — for Now
2. It's a Surfing Hotspot
3. You Can Ski Down Volcanoes
4. It's Overrun with Beauty, but Not Tourists

Read Nikki's full article here.

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