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{We're Obsessed} Sri Lanka



A pearl-shaped gem in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka (once known as Ceylon) is a tropical destination that’s still largely untouched by mass tourism. Start exploring high in the tea plantations, head out on a hike to commune with nature in the jungle, then grab a surf board and catch a wave. The island boasts the largest concentration of Buddhist faith, which means there are temples and caves to sit in and meditate along any route you choose. With a long-standing history of holistic living, Sri Lanka will entice even the savviest wellness traveler. 

Pravassa's scouted, vetted and specially curated wellness travel offerings are the hallmark of our company. Ready to fall in love with Sri Lanka? Get started here with a custom trip or join our upcoming small group.

{We're Obsessed}: India

India | Photo Sheri Giblin for Pravassa©

India | Photo Sheri Giblin for Pravassa©

Brightly colored sarees, children on cell-phones in the streets, fresh country air gliding over vibrant landscapes and through cool stone passageways of palace ruins; this is India. Every time we journey here it’s a wellness experience that brings you up close with thousands of years of cultural traditions and people who make this land so unique. Here’s a look at our most recent adventure.

Pravassa's scouted, vetted and specially curated wellness travel offerings are the hallmark of our company. Ready to fall in love with India? Get started here.

{We're Obsessed}: Costa Rica

Costa Rica | Photo Pravassa©

Costa Rica | Photo Pravassa©

So close to the U.S. and with a multitude of direct flights, it’s time to pack a bag and head to Costa Rica. Touch down in paradise in under 6 hours (3 if you’re traveling from Miami or Houston) and you’ll find you can experience 12 different microclimates in one tiny nation. From lush dense tropical rain forests to cool cloudy mountains to pristine untouched beaches, take a look at what has got us so smitten with this sustainable country that operates on 100% renewable energy.

Pravassa's scouted, vetted and specially curated wellness travel offerings are the hallmark of our company. Ready to head to Costa Rica? Get started here.

5 Great Audiobooks for Your Next Summer Adventure

Your bags are packed. Your passport is ready, and you're headed to the airport for your much-anticipated summer adventure. You can't wait to arrive at your destination, but how do you pass the time while you're up in the clouds? We're big fans of audiobooks to keep you entertained and engrossed in a compelling narrative. Plus, plugging in your headphones in can help drown out the noise of the plane or a toddler crying in the next aisle—a win-win. Check out our top five books of the season to listen to during your next travel adventure. 

To inspire some (more) wanderlust: Alone Time by Stephanie Rosenbloom 

Rosenbloom’s wise, passionate book on the pleasures of solo travel explores topics such as dining alone, finding silent spaces, and discovering interests and passions. Warning: This read may have you calling us to plan your next solo adventure as quickly as you can say “bon voyage"! 

To expand your mind, body and soul: Kintsugi Wellness: The Japanese Art of Nourishing Mind, Body and Spirit by Candice Kumai

In the crowded wellness space, blogger Candice Kumai’s new book stands out as she shares her favorite Japanese traditions for cultivating grace and inner strength, dozens of healthy recipes, and practices to reclaim the art of living well. 

To have a good laugh: Caypso by David Sedaris 

Sedaris's new collection of essays is both deeply personal and laugh-out-loud hilarious; using his legendary keen powers of observation, this book is a must-listen for those who want a good chuckle at the banalities and monotony of everyday life.

To impress your book club: Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent

Looking for a novel as gripping as Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl? Look no further than this psychological thriller about a Dublin family whose dark secrets and twisted relationships are suddenly exposed. 

To feel inspired and uplifted: Clock Dance Anne Tyler

Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Anne Tyler takes us through the narrative of her protagonist's life, culminating in her decision to fly across the country to care for a family she’s never met. This impulse decision takes her to unexpected places—and helps to re-write her own story in the process.

Still like the feel of a paperback book in your hands? Pick up a copy of Living Well on the Road by Pravassa founder Linden Schaffer for practical tips and knowledge on how to enhance your own personal wellness journey. 

{We're Obsessed} Lemongrass Tea



Wellness History in: Bali, Brazil, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mexico, and Togo.
Prescribed for: Achy joints, digestive issues, exhaustion, high blood pressure, insomnia, and stomachaches.

Found in the tropical climates of India, Southeast Asia, and Oceania, the lemongrass plant is used in food and tea as an herbal remedy. Lemongrass tea recipes can be found in many herbal medicine practices across the world. Mexican folk medicine calls for the tea to calm nervous disorders, Brazilians prescribe it treat digestive problems, and Amazonian cultures regularly drink the tea as a natural sleep aid. The taste of lemongrass can be quite strong so be warned. In the U.S. I've had a difficult time finding tea that is just lemongrass. What I've found is usually mixed with ginger or a citrus fruit; therefore I've resorted to making it myself. - Linden Schaffer

Want to try some of the best lemongrass tea in the world? Book a trip with us to Bali or India and sip fantastic homemade versions.

{We're Obsessed} Argan Oil



Grown only in Southwestern Morocco, this oil is extracted by hand from the nut of the argan tree. A good source of vitamin E as well as essential fatty acids, argan oil can be ingested – it’s often used in place of olive oil in Morocco – or used as a beauty remedy, think face moisturizer, leave-in conditioner or bath oil. Since argan oil became the latest beauty trend in the western cosmetic industry, it is offered at various prices with varied effectiveness. When purchasing argan oil as an organic treatment, remember you get what you pay for. - Linden Schaffer

{We're Obsessed} Fire Cupping Therapy



Wellness History in: China, Egypt, and Vietnam
Prescribed for: Allergies, common cold, inflammation, muscle tension, and respiratory issues.

Cupping, a traditional Eastern medicine form of healing, has shown up in Western spa treatments as of late. Typically applied to the back of the body, the practitioner lights a piece of cotton and places it inside a small glass container removing all the oxygen. The container is then applied to your bare skin where suction is created as the air cools. I was first introduced to cupping after contracting a cough while traveling during the winter season in Vietnam. After one intense treatment my cough started to subside and my lungs began to clear up.

Read about my favorite Vietnamese experience and then book one for yourself. - Linden Schaffer