How One Woman Turned Her Love of Wellness Travel Into A Full-Time Job


Thank you to the team at The Lifestyle Edit for coming to chat with our founder about her journey into wellness travel. Want to get the entire story and some tips and tricks that you can start to use today? Get Linden's new #1 bestseller Living Well on the Road. Out now!

From The Lifestyle Edit:

If you’re looking for a holiday to regroup and recharge, Linden Schaffer is the woman people call. We’ve all had that experience where you get home from a holiday, only to feel like you need another trip to recover from the first one and that’s where wellness travel comes in. Gone are the disorganized, over-scheduled itineraries. Through Pravassa, Linden offers everything from mindfulness and meditation getaways in Vietnam to trips to Japan to study the art of Zen from people in the know that you’d never be able to track down on your own.

HER WEDDING WAS THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT FOR THE CONCEPT: I was working in fashion at the time but the idea was the coming together of all my personal loves – what I was doing outside of my career like traveling and doing yoga, working out, learning to eat better and cook more, those kinds of things. I was ready to leave fashion.

THE TRANSITION PROCESS: I’m very organized, very type A. I’m interested in taking risks but the idea of failure can be scary. Having nothing in New York is tough.

ON STARTING A BUSINESS IN AN AREA SHE’D NEVER WORKED IN BEFORE: I think there’s an advantage in not knowing anything about the industry that you are going into, because it’s easy to disrupt it.

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