How to Take More Vacation Time this Year



We long for it, we daydream about it, but many of us never actually use all of our allotted vacation days. Our founder is even wrote a book on the importance of using this time to improve your health, which is why these tips, which originally appeared in the New York Times, will help you make your daydream a reality. This year commitment to vacation with this foolproof plan.  

Get Organized and Start Early
It seems like an obvious first step, but saying you will get organized, and doing it, are different things. Using a paper or online calendar to track company holidays and map out your preferred vacation dates, as well as booking your travel as early as possible, which makes it harder to back out of it later.

Delegate Your Responsibilities
There is no need to complicate the approval process by dumping your work onto other people. You can make it easy for your boss by putting your vacation request in writing, making sure that it clearly states your company’s paid time off policy and your number of accrued days and that it also conveys your intention to discuss how your work responsibilities will be handled while you are away.

Work With Your Co-Workers
You can be firm in your commitment to take the vacation days you deserve while still being courteous to your colleagues. It is as simple as talking to your colleagues and doing it early.

Convey the Value to You
Try asking yourself this: Why am I taking this time off and why is it important to me? This is kind of a trick question, because there is no such thing as a bad reason to take time off from work. But being confident in your decision can make it hard for your superior to deny your request.

Remember What You’re Owed
Imagine if you had to write an email to your boss every two weeks for your paycheck, or every time you went to the doctor. Is using all of the vacation days your employer has already agreed to give you really any different?

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