PLUG IN Consciously



We find it easy to unplug and leave our phones behind when we travel - chalk it up to poor internet connections and huge time differences. And while there's a movement to create a digital detox for yourself at home, it's not always feasible, especially in our currently politically charged times. So how do you find a way to stay connected consciously? Our friends at Well+Good have some advice. 

1. Accept that technology is a reality in today’s world—and that’s okay
The first step in not letting technology drive you bonkers is simply pushing back against the notion that if you pick up your phone, you’re an automatic failure. (Don’t you feel more Zen already?)

2. Note your personal distraction tendencies
Make sure your technology use is actually serving (not deadening) you is to simply pay attention to the specific apps or programs that tend to be your go-to distractions. Instagram? Gmail? See how early in the process you can catch it.

3. Tune into the physical experience
Yes, it is possible to turn technology into a daily mindfulness practice. Notice what it feels like to hold your phone, for example, noticing the texture and the smoothness of the screen. Use it as a straight-up mindfulness exercise.

4. Remind yourself: The internet is full of humans
The internet is so vast—and the amount of information we take in every day is so huge—it can easily overwhelm our brains and sense of what is really worthy of our attention. Just taking a few seconds to remind yourself that behind every photo or app there is an actual person can make the whole thing feel more, well, human and immediately ground you back in reality.

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