Improve Your Cultural Intelligence



How would you like to be able to meet anyone, from any culture, and without any previous knowledge of their culture, without even knowing what country they are from, to be able to identify their cultural orientations? A kind of “universal culture translator”, that works with everyone you meet? 
Fact is, our modern world is one with an incredible cultural diversity. We no longer need to travel to another country to meet people from other cultures. Today, we work with them side-by-side in the office. We go to school with them. We meet them on the street, and at our clubs. Odds are quite good that someone you know has dated or married someone from another culture.

Cultural Intelligence is a new paradigm, that gives us the tools to be better able to integrate and Thrive in this new world. It does away with cultural stereotypes (“Chinese are like this” and “Germans are like this”), and instead teaches you to regard every person as an individual. And then, simply from observing their behavior, language, and reactions, you can begin to put together a picture of who this other person actually is.

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This article originally appeared on Thrive Global