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Breathing in Nature | Pravassa©

Breathing in Nature | Pravassa©

I was first introduced to my breath about 20 years ago, when I started practicing yoga as a stress reliever. No matter the studio I walked in to: Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Anusara, or Iyengar, one constant thread was this teaching of "returning to your breath". Years later when I decided to launch Pravassa, I was faced with a totally new life on the horizon—that of an entrepreneur no less. Just thinking about all the new challenges I would face overwhelmed me: How would I establish myself? Would I run out of money? What if I failed? These paralyzing questions and creeping doubts would (and sometimes still do) keep me up at night. It was in those early moments that I knew I needed to find a way to breathe again without gasping.

Today, I have found a great online resource that allows me to stop, breathe, and find my center in short 2-minute increments thanks to BreatheAware. This easy to use online platform helps you change breathing habits in a mindful way. The best part: I was able to adjust the program settings so that a reminder is sent to me via email or text at the time(s) of day of my choosing. With so much on my to-do list, this automatic reminder to stop and be mindful helps to sustain me throughout the day, but carries me into a calmer place. - Linden Schaffer

Take a few minutes today and try BreatheAware, then get your own monthly subscription

Join Pravassa and BreatheAware this December in Costa Rica as performance enhancement coach Ed Harrold leads breathwork in a tropical setting, which promises to help you hit the reset button.