Pro Tips: Staying Healthy While Traveling



Before launching Pravassa, I had a booming fashion career that required constant business travel. It was during these long stretches of time on the road that I decided to explore during her off-hours. Usually, that meant hitting up a local fitness class, sprinting through  the city streets for an early morning running tour, and patronizing local cafes and restaurants for a great, healthy meal. Eventually left I left the fashion world to create Pravassa and I just shared some of my top travel trips with Sporteluxe.

Sit down for a full meal at the airport.
Approach food options mindfully by sitting to have a proper meal. Choose high-value vegetarian options, where it’s easier to stay away from high-sodium, added sugar ingredients, both of which will leave you dehydrated and more bloated on the plane. 

Food allergies or intolerances? Research before you hit the road.
If you have a serious allergy or illness, get a Food Allergy Card, which translates your needs into the local language. If your dietary needs are purely a lifestyle choice, then relaxing your guidelines a little while traveling will make for a much more enjoyable experience. If your diet is non-negotiable, use websites like Happy Cow or Gluten Free Travel or book your trip with an experienced travel provider, like Pravassa.

Don’t eat on the plane!
The best wellness travel food hack I’ve learned is to fast on the airplane. The food airlines serve is not healthy. Instead, opt to give your body the opportunity to rest and reset. A Harvard University study concluded that fasting resets your stomach and helps to overcome the effects of jet lag faster. 

Workout outdoors.
As an expert traveler, you have to learn to be flexible and exploring a new location helps your body settle into a new routine. There is no better way to see a place than on a morning jog, a hike up a mountain, or on a bicycle. 

Dedicate 5-minutes a day to self-care.
My number one, non-negotiable wellness practice? Meditation. You only need 5-minutes and no props. This self-care practice prepares you to handle airport chaos, lost taxi drivers, and language barriers. 

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