Green Bamboo | Thailand



A small nondescript wooden Thai house down a little Soi off the eastern wall of the Old City in Chiang Mai leads to you to Green Bamboo. A favorite of ours for years, as both the structure and the products used within are local, organic, and sustainable. With only a handful of beds and therapists, walk-ins are a thing of the past. Luckily you can make a reservation via email. 

Massage places are a dime a dozen in Thailand and you’d be hard pressed to find a bad one. What differentiates Green Bamboo from the others is their approach: using certified organic fair-trade products. After changing into the traditional Thai Massage outfit, treatments begin with a warm foot bath, where slices of bergamot are used to scrub your feet clean. Small rooms with mats laid out side-by-side, separated by hanging curtains offer a barebones approach to decor, but that's okay as you're there for the intense deep-tissue work. Thai massage is not for the faint of heart as you are poked, prodded, and pressed until your muscles begin to relax involuntarily. Our favorite massage stretch - right wrist in the therapist left hand, right ankle in her right hand with her feet pressed onto the small of your back - pulls your limbs in opposing directions, effectively bending you into a side bow. We are now walking taller because of it. 

COST: 375Baht($10.60)/ THAI MASSAGE                                LENGTH: 90 MINUTES