3 Workplace Wellness Tips for Focus



Summer's over and the dreaded return to shorter days and a full-on heavy fall work schedule are here. (We're already daydreaming about our next vacation!) Don't let the stress of your to-do list get you down. Instead try these quick made for work tips to increase your wellness right now:

Work in 90-minute intervals – Uninterrupted short work sessions help you to avoid exhaustion. Reward your work with a healthy break such as watering your office plants to allow for renewal.

Take a Stroll – Researchers at the University of Birmingham found that a walk can immediately change your mood for the better as well as provide better you with a better ability to handle stress at work.

Turn off your Phone – Shuck that Pavlovian response and take control of whom you text and when. Stash your phone in your drawer while you work for that 90-minute interval and challenge yourself to extend it.