Snack Smart On the go



Winter is here and total hibernation mode has set in. Instead of grabbing comfort food on the go or stocking your pantry with processed carbs, having smart snacks at the ready benefits both your wellness and your wallet. Snacking responsibly on protein, whole grains and healthy fats, provides a nutrient boost that allows our body's energy level and overall functioning to remain even all day.

Water-dense foods like fruit and vegetables and high-nutrient foods like nuts and seeds also curb hunger best. We love opening the fridge to forage for carrots and tangy hummus or apples dipped in almond butter. Try dry roasted edamame or date-sweetened energy balls to mix it up a bit. Best of all, every single one of these items makes it past airport security -  we've tested that for you! Smart snacking can be a total game changer for your overall wellness. Take a day this week to plan your menu and stop by the market. In just a few days you'll be happier, healthier and feel a renewed sense of energy.