{We're Obsessed} Sage Smudging



Where you find this wellness ritual: Canada & The United States
Prescribed for: Energy clearing, protection, purification

If you've moved into a new place, have had an argument in your home, or are beginning a new ritual or practice, you might want to consider smudging home or even yourself with sage. This Native American ceremonial ritual of sage burning is used to cleanse the air and protect your spiritual well-being.

Sage creates a thick smoke when burning so be sure to open a window or door before you light up. Once going, offer the sage to the four corner of the world - North, South, East and West - asking for a blessing or protection. Next fan the smoke over yourself or the space you wish to clear drawing out all the negative energy. Be sure you end your smudging ritual at that open door or window so to invite all negative energy you just cleared to leave.