{We're Obsessed} Lemongrass Tea



Wellness History in: Bali, Brazil, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mexico, and Togo.
Prescribed for: Achy joints, digestive issues, exhaustion, high blood pressure, insomnia, and stomachaches.

Found in the tropical climates of India, Southeast Asia, and Oceania, the lemongrass plant is used in food and tea as an herbal remedy. Lemongrass tea recipes can be found in many herbal medicine practices across the world. Mexican folk medicine calls for the tea to calm nervous disorders, Brazilians prescribe it treat digestive problems, and Amazonian cultures regularly drink the tea as a natural sleep aid. The taste of lemongrass can be quite strong so be warned. In the U.S. I've had a difficult time finding tea that is just lemongrass. What I've found is usually mixed with ginger or a citrus fruit; therefore I've resorted to making it myself. - Linden Schaffer

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