This modern spa in the expat haven of Seminyak is located just off the main drag. Streamlined in its design of all white and natural wood, the 10 chaise lounge chairs fit comfortably in the small, but well laid out space. The 4 treatment options at Chill makes it easy to decide how you want to spend your time and a welcome foot wash and cup of tea helps you start the relaxation process right away.

Let a skilled therapist usher you into deep relaxation as they focus on rubbing your tired feet and ankles (perfect after a day of sightseeing and shopping). You'll be given a towel and an iPod, preloaded with perfect zen-like music to drift off to. If you've never booked a spa appointment for just your feet, what are you waiting for? It is pure heaven to have your feet rubbed and acupressure points pushed. You'll be hard pressed to find another spa in Seminyak that offers these kinds of treatments for this kind of price. 

COST: $17/ The Classic                                            LENGTH: 60 MINUTES