{Well on the Road} Victoria Keen



Victoria Keen
Textile & Clothing Designer

Most recently in: San Francisco and Oregon 

The one snack you can always find in my carry on is: If possible avocados and if not possible then my award winning homemade granola.

Tell us your in-flight rituals. I wipe down my area with a lavender essential oil wipe and make sure to book the window. I bring a large soft scarf that can double as a blanket or roll up as a pillow, you never know if it will be hot or cold on the plane. My face tends to get dry so I like to have rose water on hand as well. 

How do you conquer jet lag once you've arrived? That's a hard one! I'm not great at 'pushing through' ... I crash if I feel like crashing, usually a gentle yoga class or massage helps me to reset. 

Describe your workout on the road style: I'm more of an outdoor adventure type especially when I'm on the road, it's fun to explore where I am with a walk or a jog. Often I'll check out the local yoga studio too. 

How do you keep sickness at bay? Being a mom and a business owner you can imagine I don't have time to be sick! I've developed a technique for when I feel the slightest thing come on - I will drink a huge mason jar of an immune boosting tea with ginger, raw Manuka honey and lemon, take liquid chlorophyll, ingest my On Guard essential oil from DoTerra and then sleep a good 12-hours. This usually wards off most sickness. 

What's your 'go-to' restaurant item? Usually anything with avocados they really keep me sane on the road or a salad with a nice clean protein.  

What do you do to stay grounded? I like to clear the energy of the space I'm staying. If I can burn a little palo santo it always brings me home. I carry a small array of crystals when I travel so I can make an altar wherever I go. Reiki is a daily practice for me so that also helps immensely. 

What is your preferred method of staying connected with loved ones? I'm a text-aholic!

When not designing her latest clothing line, Victoria can be found in Sound Balancing trainings and Crystal Grid workshops. You can follow Victoria's adventures on the road via Facebook and Instagram .