Discovering Your Inner Healer



Connection to self is the portal for inner healing. By tapping into our strengths, increasing our self-care and embracing sacred stillness, we become more empowered to recreate the life we want to live by healing from within. Here are four ways that you can rediscover your inner healer.

Sacred Stillness Perpetual busyness is our modern day epidemic. Slowing down takes intention and energy. Pico Iyer says, "In an age of movement, nothing is more critical than stillness." Buddha taught that because we are alive, we suffer. But we are often taught to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Stillness is the sacred medicine that allows us to deeply sense and observe our suffering ~ and with intention, we can respond with the compassion our soul needs. Truly, the source of our power stems from the wounds of our pain. 

Learn Abundance From Nature These days, we often become entangled in our scarcity consciousness ~ believing we never have enough money, success or even love. Nature is resilient, constantly dying, absorbing nourishment, regenerating and blossoming into the future. Though we can't see those seedlings sprouting underneath the frozen earth, we trust fully that growth is unfolding. Connecting to nature with presence reconnects us to the healer within. Belief is powerful. Believing that we belong to the natural world opens up our hearts and minds to the circular gifts of abundance that nature offers.

Connect Mind and Body through Whole Foods In our fast paced world, it's not easy to eat whole foods, cook or have a meal with loved ones. But when we begin to focus our attention on how food feels in your body, we can embrace a more powerful mind body connection. The first step in making any change is increased awareness. Intentionally choosing foods that will give us energy, clarity and satisfaction, empowers us to feel more in control of our life, our health, and our emotions.

Intuitive Wisdom Intuitive wisdom often comes in a whisper, an emotion, or a gentle knowing. Silencing our inner critic or "busy brain" is one key way of creating connection within, opening our hearts to receive those quiet, wise messages. Tapping into our own sense of intuitive wisdom can be an incredibly powerful force to help us make decisions, have a more clear sense of self, and establish positive goals for the future. As we increase our self-care, sitting quietly in nature or another sacred place, we can learn how to listen to our intuitive self and reconnect to our wise healer within. 

Each one of us possesses an inner healer. To excavate your own join us as we co-lead Pravassa's upcoming Holistic Healing Wellness Vacation in Santa Fe, May 18th-22nd. We’d be honored to be your guides Lena Franklin, LCSW + Meghan Toups, LPC

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