{Well on the Road} Kristin Dahl



Holistic Nutritionist, Chef & Author

Most recently in: Kauai and New York

The one snack you can always find in my carry-on is: Raw, organic almonds + an apple & dark chocolate. If it’s a really long flight, (over 5 hours) I pack a balanced salad with some type of complete protein + nuts & seeds and a homemade granola bar. If I’m not hungry, I’ll fast & drink tons of water and herbal tea. I ALWAYS avoid plane food. 

Tell us your in-flight rituals: The first 20 minutes of the flight is generally spent meditating & doing breath work. I use Tata Harper’s irritability treatment to ground me throughout the flight & to help with motion sickness. The rest of the time is spent reading, catching up on a little work, or resting. I also get up a few times during the flight to stretch. This is especially important during long flights to keep my body open. 

How do you conquer jet lag once you've arrived? Taking a B vitamin complex before flying balances the effects of travel stress and I make sure to double hydrate the whole flight (flying is incredibly dehydrating). I continue to drink extra water the first few days of the trip. Hydration & exercise are definitely the keys to feeling great when I travel. I also pack some type of electrolyte replenisher to add to my water as well, especially for long trips. This helps with jet lag, supports digestion and rehydrates my body after flying. Once I arrive, I like to go for a brisk walk to get my blood flowing and do some stretching and restorative yoga poses that night to rebalance.   

Describe your workout on the road style: I love to hike and explore my surroundings. If I’m with my man, this often means a full day hiking adventure with maps to lead the way and a dip in the ocean or local swimming spot. I also prefer walking and biking vs. constantly taking cars. Researching yoga studios ahead of time is helpful as well.    

How do you keep sickness at bay? I always bring a few lypo-spheric vitamin c packs to take in flight & the first few days of travel for an immune boost. Blue green algae or chlorella are always great to have on hand for cleansing and extra energy. I also pack enzymadica’s digest gold: digestive enzymes to help break down strange foods and heavy meals. For gas and bloating, I drink peppermint tea. A healthy gut is the key to keeping my immune system strong. 

What's your 'go-to' restaurant item? Salad and whatever vegetables/dishes are local, seasonal and fresh. Farm-to-table is always the best bet. If it’s breakfast, I’ll have a smoothie or a bowl of fresh fruit. 

What do you do to stay grounded? Yoga. If I can’t get to a class I run through a few sequences on my own. I make sure to have plenty of downtime to read/relax and take baths with lavender essential oil. Meditation and breath work are easiest for me to stick to when I’m traveling. Finding a local café and relaxing with a warm cup of tea is one of the easiest ways to connect to my surroundings. 

What is your preferred method of staying connected with loved ones? Instagram is so much fun for sharing travel pics and I love WhatsApp for texting while abroad. I’m also old school and always pick up a few post cards to send to my best friends. 

About Kristin: Kristin Dahl is an LA based nutritionist, Chef and Author who offers a fresh take on holistic living in a modern world. Kristin specializes in consulting, plant-based cooking and holistic wellness programs, including her newly released book, The Art of Wellness. She empowers, educates, and motivates individuals to make the transformation to total and complete health. Her commitment to help others manifest change was inspired by her own personal transformation. Stay connected and get nutrition advice via her website, blog and Instagram pages.