{WE'RE OBSESSED} Activated Charcoal



Where you find this wellness ritual: Argentina, Europe & The United States 
Prescribed for: Diarrhea, food poisoning, gas, indigestion

Activated charcoal is included in WHO's list of essential medicines; a list of medicines for basic health care. This power has been used as an antidote to poising for centuries. If you've ever been rushed to the emergency room after consuming a poisonous liquid, you may have been given an activated charcoal drink instead of having your stomach pumped.

We were first introduced to this home remedy in a chewable tablet form in Argentina after contracting food poising. It worked so well that it is now a staple in our suitcase and medicine cabinet. If we ever feel an upset stomach or indigestion come on due to something we've consumed, take a few charcoal tablets to ward off any further sickness. Charcoal is now showing up in liquid form from almost any company that makes fresh pressed juices. Read Into the Gloss' review of some of the available options before you make your selection.