Drive Cardio | LA



We love to jump into High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes when we travel. That runner's high from pushing your body is addictive and it is sure to create a sweat fest. We headed to Drive Cardio (on the very north end of Santa Monica) on our last trip to L.A. to work on our Cali beach body.

The class warm-up series started with jumping jacks, squats, lunges, and mount climbers, then we split into two groups: one on the treadmill and one focusing on strength training. It takes some mad trainer skills to be able to split your time between two groups and keep the calls out to runners vs. resistance banders straight. Most exercises are done in a 60/30 format - pump it up for 60 seconds, cool it down for 30 with clear and encouraging direction. The maximum push is up to each person with no pressure to run the fastest or lift the most weight, making it a great group class for people beginning to experiment with HIIT. 

Classes are capped at 12 people so register early and arrive with plenty of time to snag a spot in the small parking lot. Towels and free water are on hand as well as a locker for your wallet and car keys. The bright street-level studio has lots of natural light and sometimes they'll open the windows so you can smell the surf.

COST: $28/class                                                     LENGTH: 60 MINUTES