#TravelWell Chat: Travel Keepsakes

Photo: Pravassa Exploring Vietnam

Photo: Pravassa Exploring Vietnam

One of our favorite quotes circulating the social media-sphere is 'Collect Moments Not Things', and while we certainly take pride in minimizing our travel suitcases and footprints, there's no denying that searching for the perfect souvenir is a great way to get wonderfully lost and local in a new city. Plus, there's nothing like pulling out those fragrant spices or sporting that colorful scarf upon returning home to transport us back to faraway lands. What are your favorite souvenirs? We want to hear them all!

Join @Pravassa at 4:30PMEST on Wednesday, June 3 for a Travel Keepsakes Twitter chat using the tag #TravelWell. 

If you're unable to make the chat live, don't miss out! Feel free to schedule your answers according to the timeline below.

Q1: If you could travel somewhere solely to buy their local craft or delicacy, where would it be? #TravelWell

Q2: What traveling purchase do you get the most use out of now that you've returned home? Bonus if you share a pic! #TravelWell

Q3: What is a unique or thoughtful souvenir you've received from another fellow traveler? #TravelWell

Q4: Do you have a philosophy or strategy when it comes to purchasing travel keepsakes for yourself or someone else? #TravelWell 

Q5: When it comes to souvenirs, is there one item you're usually drawn to in every country for a collection? #TravelWell

Q6: Not all keepsakes are material. What's one intangible- story, memory or quality- that you'll carry forever? #TravelWell #changedbytravel