{Well on the Road} Terri Simon




Most recently in: San Sebastian, Spain and Munich, Germany

The one snack you can always find in my carry-on is: One cup of raw almonds, one cup whole oats (because, in a pinch, I can find hot water or steamed milk), two single-serving packs of VEGA ONE Natural flavor, several tea bags (mostly green or hibiscus) and water. One of these things usually gets me through flight delays, long waits and taxi rides. Most importantly, it prevents me from getting hangry!

Tell us your in-flight rituals: I use in-flight hours as a time reflect, plan and iterate ideas that are percolating. I start by putting on my headphones to meditate for at least 30 minutes. Next I whip out my journal and colored pens to write/draw, crystalize ideas, identify collaborators, define execution milestones and timelines. 

How do you conquer jet lag once you've arrived? I let friends or colleagues know up front that I need alone time. I make time for a short yoga flow. Sometimes it’s five minutes, sometimes it’s an hour. Asking for what I need has become a critical habit that I practice and have gained more and more mastery of over the years. Above all else, I listen to my body and ask for what I need.

Describe your workout on the road style: When I am on the road I like to be outdoors, keep my body moving, get lost and explore. One on the road workout habit is to walk rather than taxi or subway. I also look for hiking or biking areas that locals favor as these are ways for me get familiar with the local vibe. Also, I stop drop and yoga pretty much anywhere: in the back of the airplane, on the beach, in the town square - a lot of times locals or other travelers join. It's my way of staying true to my practice and inviting others to engage through movement.

How do you keep sickness at bay? Daily yoga, raw juice, supplements, water and small meals throughout the day.

What's your 'go-to' restaurant item? My go-to depends on where I am on the globe and what I’m doing –so it’s situational. If I am feeling like comfort food in the morning and know my next meal might be delayed, I go for porridge or oatmeal. When I need something lighter, I opt for fruit, a juice or a smoothie. I love pomegranate and green juice or a green smoothie. For later in the day it’s usually easy to find steamed veggies and fish.

What do you do to stay grounded? My yoga practice is consistently my way back to center. I make time to practice everyday no matter where I’ve landed. I love practicing yoga in studios around the world where the class is lead in a language I do not speak. It makes familiar things feel new and new things feel familiar. It grounds me.

What is your preferred method of staying connected with loved ones? I use Google Hangout and social media a lot on the road. There are times however, when I choose to go radio silent. I think we all need that sometimes. Thankfully my loved ones understand that for me silence and solitude is a way of connecting.


About Terri: Originally from Los Angeles,Terri Simon spent 20+ years focused on a career in Organizational Development, Organizational Behavior and Human Capital Strategies, including process, leadership and executive development. She worked and lived in Japan and China, focusing on culture transformation, executive coaching and team development. After extensive time traveling, Ms. Simon is most at home among new cultures, in remote landscapes and in far away places. Follow her adventures on Instagram or join Terri for upcoming leadership development course.