Don't let cold weather squash your workout



Ok we know, it's hard to stay active the colder it gets. We all really want to snuggle up to a late afternoon cappuccino and read a book or binge this past season of Empire. Relaxation is a great thing, but it's easy to over indulge in this time of year. Try these simple tips to get your butt out of the chair and moving. 

  • Trade in the Gym When heading into the florescent lights gym becomes too much to bear on a dark day, find another activity you love instead. Try a hot yoga class or call a buddy and see if you can pick up a doubles game of tennis. It’s a nice change to break a sweat doing something new.
  • Move Daily Even 20 minutes will do! Don't want to leave home? Put on your favorite new playlist and jump around or pull out that dusty Wii and challenge a friend to a serious game of Fruit Ninja. If that doesn't sound good, go old school and running up and down your stairs, stopping after each set to do push ups or jumping jacks. 
  • Join a Challenge. Online or in your workout studio, you can find a fitness challenge this winter. Your team will commit to working out and eating healthier for a few weeks or a few months to compete for prizes. You'll work your body into shape and guess what, that makes everybody a winner!