{Well on the Road} Sadie Lincoln



Sadie Lincoln
Founder of 
barre3 Fitness

Most recently in: Mexico & Bend, OR

The one snack you can always find in my carry on is: I never travel without trail mix. I create my own by combining brazil nuts, goji berries, cashews, almonds and cacao nibs. It's my go-to because it's easy to make. Plus, it balances fat, fiber and protein, which means it stabilizes blood sugar and keeps me full for hours afterwards.

Tell us your in-flight rituals: I do have a few in-flight rituals to make the trip more comfortable and enjoyable. Whenever I travel, I wear a scarf spritzed with lavender oil. Taking deep breaths of lavender relaxes me and helps me unwind. I also travel with a few bags of green tea, a thermos, and a barre3 core ball. I refill the thermos with hot tea throughout the flight to stay hydrated, and I place the ball behind my low-back for lumbar support (Tip: The core ball deflates and inflates like a balloon - it easily fits into a suitcase or even a purse. When placing the ball behind your low-back, be sure to deflate the ball so it's only half full).

How do you conquer jet lag once you've arrived? Once I'm settled into my hotel, I try to either fit in a short walk, bust out a few yoga stretches, or do a quick 10-minute barre3 online workout. After sitting for so long on a plane, my body craves movement! Getting a quality night's sleep is also key to bouncing back after a long flight. Nothing helps me sleep better than taking Calm and reading a good book before bed. I usually only make it through a few pages before I doze off.

Describe your workout on the road style: My motto is to work smarter instead of harder, and I focus on functional exercises that will energize me instead of make me feel depleted. My fitness icons are the people closest to me. My team inspires me daily. Many of them are young moms juggling busy careers, yet they still find for exercise (even if it's 10 minutes). My mom is also a huge source of inspiration for me (without her influence I never would have started this company!). I have vivid memories of her practicing yoga in her bedroom. Even though I was only five years old, she was teaching me important lessons then about whole-body health and how I should care for my body.

How do you keep sickness at bay? Eating whole-foods, getting enough sleep (I aim for 8 hours!) and listening to my body helps me stay healthy and avoid getting sick. When I start to feel run down, I take extra steps to drink more water and eat nutrient-packed foods. I also am careful to not push myself too hard during workouts. If I'm under the weather, I avoid the yoga and barre3 studios and instead stick to 10 minute online workouts at home as it's easier for me to listen to my body and take more restorative options if I'm by myself in my living room versus in a studio standing next to someone doing a turbo move. (Even I can get swept up in the energy of a group class!)

What's your 'go-to' restaurant item? My favorite restaurant items are foods that are fresh and in season. There are so many incredible restaurants in Portland that serve farm-to-table; I take advantage of whatever's local and in season when I go out to eat.

What do you do to stay grounded? I try to bring my family with me on business trips whenever possible. In May, I'm visiting a few of my studios to celebrate the launch of my new book Love Your Lower Body and I'm taking my husband and two kids with me! Spending time with my family is just as important for my health and well-being as eating whole foods and exercise are. 

What is your preferred method of staying connected with loved ones? The best way to stay connected with loved ones is to spend time together face-to-face. Every year, my husband and I take our kids to the Poconos in Pennsylvania, near where his family is from. There's limited tv or internet, just a beautiful lake and great running trails. I cherish the time our family spends there reading, playing games, swimming and exploring.

About Sadie: Sadie began teaching group exercise 20 years ago while attending UCLA. She was awarded a Graduate Assistantship from the College of William & Mary, where she developed and ran the group fitness program while earning her master’s degree in higher education administration. Today she travels the world to visit her barre3 studios. Follow along via Instagram and and her blog.