Om. Game, Set, Match. Om.

Set Up to Serve

Sunny days are a hallmark of Palm Springs, a desert resort town known for its music and film festivals. March ushers in temperatures in the mid 70’s-80’s making it an oasis for outdoor sports. Join our small group on a retreatWELL experience, led by Margaret Mann, which will focus on the relationship between tennis and yoga and how to use the movement techniques from each modality to improve the other.

In The Zone

Bouncing the ball prior to serve, preparing to connect your racquet with the ball, moving swiftly across the court to return your opponent’s serve – you’re in the zone. How do you harness that focus? More and more athletes are adding yoga as part of their training regime as a means to increase flexibility, build strength and mental concentration. Together, we’ll explore how yoga compliments this dynamic and vigorous sport. This trip is designed for advanced beginner and intermediate tennis players.

What makes this trip unique

  • outdoor yoga Daily

  • Bikes to borrow

  • Tennis Clinics leds by Pros

  • Tennis tournament