Pravassa’s staff is AMAZING, they made this the trip of a lifetime, from the accommodations, food, and wellness to the tours and organization.
— Sam M.
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Pravassa specializes in forming relationships with locally run boutique hotels that support the communities we visit. While Western amenities may not always be available, our handpicked choices throughout Japan will enable you to experience the heart and charm of both the people and the country. Here’s a sneak peak at our Japan picks:


Our first stay will be in an amazingly chic Western-style boutique hotel complete with art gallery, store, and dog grooming salon. Rooms are larger than anything else we've seen in Japan. While no closet and small bathrooms are par for the course, you'll enjoy this local neighborhood as well as the sweeping views of the city the hotel has to offer. All rooms have A/C, WiFi, and tea making capabilities. 


Experience a traditional family-run Japanese Inn in the historical area of Shirakawa-go. Understated elegance, akin to glamping, with warm hospitality can be expected. Tatami mat rooms fill the Inn where futons are placed side-by-side on heated floors to keep you cozy at night. Fantastic, elaborate, locally sourced homemade meals are a hallmark of these Inns as are shared hallway bath facilities. WiFi is available via the city network.


We'll be welcomed into the historic district of Kyoto at a 160-year-old house, which is now a family run Ryokan. Shoji screens separate the sleeping rooms and futons are set up side-by-side on the heated floors of tatami mat rooms. The baths are shared, but can be reserved for privacy where a soak in the authentic Japanese bath will be a wonderful way to end the day. Large homemade breakfasts are served. No WiFi is available at this Ryokan.