Pravassa - {noun} a journey or dwelling abroad
— Sanskrit, ancient Indian Vedas language

Pravassa was created as a passion project in New York City. Stressed out, digitally dependent, sleep deprived people needed an easy, one-stop-shop travel company to book their balanced vacations enabling them to create space, break habits, and provide a unique travel experience to renew their self-care.

On the forefront of the wellness travel movement, Pravassa offers complete life experiences created to address whole body wellbeing. Considering every aspect of your journey: from location to accommodations to food to exercise to cultural immersions, Pravassa’s mission is to help people find their path to wellness. By living a more conscious, aware, and healthy lifestyle both at home and on the road, you’ll notice positive, life-changing effects. 

Our 5-tenet Wellness Philosophy®

Stress Reduction, Cultural Involvement, Physical Activity, Spiritual Connection, and Food Education. Together, these five things create a balanced travel experience.