Yoga Instructor

I believe in using the tangible to reach the intangible

Margaret Mann is a New York City based yoga instructor and self-proclaimed tennis addict. Following a successful career in the arts, she was in search of something deeper. Margaret took her first yoga class in 2002 and as a former dancer and stylist; she was drawn to the symmetry, detail, intelligence and sweaty physicality of a vinyasa practice. It wasn't long before her yoga practice revealed itself not only as a path to her personal truth but also as the way to be of service to others. She decided to pursue a yoga teacher training with Isaac Pena and Jude English at Sankalpah Yoga and teaches regularly at Kula Yoga Project and Bend and Bloom in New York. Margaret’s classes are intelligently designed to build strength and flexibility, increase breath capacity and develop proprioception and self-knowledge. Always interested in learning new skills, she picked up a tennis racquet a few years ago. Margaret quickly realized the game is mental as well as physical and saw how her yoga practice could have a profound impact on the court. Besides yoga and tennis, she can be found spending time with her husband and dog on the streets of Brooklyn.