Pravassa GROUP Proposal

As the first US Wellness Travel Company, Pravassa has been offering travelers a complete wellness experience since 2009. Our small group itineraries have been personally vetted from location, to resort, to food, to local activities and cultural celebrations.

As a wellness instructor, you spend a great deal of time educating your loyal clientele and marketing each experience creatively. Discerning travelers have already discovered there is a deeper dimension to travel - feeling your best each and every day before, during, and after vacation leading to fuller life enjoyment.

Our mission is to help travelers find a path to wellness by offering a travel experience that is more balanced allowing for a healthy lifestyle shift on the road. We'll provide you the opportunity to evolve your perspective, expand your mind, and step out of your comfort zone in a safe environment, all while gaining a new outlook on the world and how you travel. 

With years of wellness travel experience, Pravassa offers complete itinerary planning, marketing, promotional, and logistical support at every stage of your programming. This leaves you to do what you do best, teach. Hire Pravassa to be your wellness concierge and you'll be able to enjoy a little wellness time of your own.

Having created over 70 custom wellness vacations, events, and seminars for group of 2 - 20, Pravassa prides itself on working closing with our clients to fulfill their group's travel needs. 

Our Promise

  • small boutique accommodations that support the surrounding local community
  • fuel from nutrient-rich local food
  • expert-led wellness modalities in physical activity and stress reduction to create a more balanced self
  • cultural excursions that offer interaction with the community around you
  • freedom to reconnect with your sense of self, along with solo time to reflect
  • commitment to sustainability
  • opportunities to disconnect from the digital world
  • time to be at one with nature
  • 100% smoke-free journeys

CO-HOSTED Small Group Offerings

experienceWELL journey 
length: 5 – 14+ days
Pravassa’s signature program with a focus on our 5-tenet wellness philosophy and cultural experiences. This co-branded tour highlights your daily wellness instruction, scheduled for once-a-day, and offers between one to three hotel locations allowing for a broader cultural experience. Pravassa is on-site as your tour escort and wellness concierge, allowing the instructors to focus on teaching and spending time with the attendees.
Due to the scope of these extensive tours and cultural offerings these all-inclusive packages average $500/day retail. 

educateWELL journey
length: 5 – 14+ days
Similar in scope to our signature experienceWELL journey, these tours are provided to businesses, cultural institutions, museums, and universities.  Featuring faculty and/or staff of the institution’s choosing, Pravassa weaves together customized content to provide a seamless balance between educational and wellness offerings. Pravassa is on-site as your tour escort and wellness concierge. These private tour experiences are created with your overall budget in mind.
Due to the scope of these extensive tours and cultural offerings these all-inclusive packages average $500/day retail. 

retreatWELL journey 
length: 3 – 8 days
For more intensive wellness-focused content - think yoga retreat or life-coaching curriculum - these experiences are based in one hotel or retreat center allowing for an intimate, engrossing immersion. To balance your content, these co-branded tours incorporate at least one off-site cultural activity as well as a nourishing food menu to fuel learning in a powerful environment. Pravassa is on-site as your tour escort and wellness concierge for these experiences, allowing for the instructors to focus on teaching and spending time with the attendees.
These 1-location all-inclusive packages average $350/day retail.


private label
Having developed wellness relationships with key suppliers around the world, Pravassa can craft a private label tour that works seamlessly into your company’s programming. We will book the hotel, transportation, meals and tours, you can supply the wellness content. Think of this offering as a signature experienceWELL journey, but one hosted solely by you. Don’t want to run it on your own? Not a problem, we offer on-site concierge service as an add-on option.  

backend support
Years of experience running wellness travel tours has allowed Pravassa to master logistical and customer service support. This experience is for instructors, studios, or businesses that want to pass on the backend operational work. We handle tour registration, customer service, interfacing with the retreat center, and tour promotional support. Everything is completed and turned over to you so you and your staff can run the tour seamlessly on-site. 

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Please note Pravassa's initial consultation is free-of-charge. If you decide to move forward with our services, you will be asked to make a non-refundable deposit, which holds your dates on our calendar and contributes toward the costs of a custom tour proposal package.