How do I get there?

Fly into Santiago de los Caballeros airport (STI). All flights from the DC area are one-stop routes and take between 6-9 hours depending on layovers. Delta and United have the best routes with average prices from BWI and DCA around $550 for an economy-class ticket. From the NYC area, non-stop flights average $450. The cost of airfare will rise, as the departure date gets closer. 

*DO NOT book your flight prior to contacting Pravassa to confirm the tour is happening. 

Arrival/Departure Information

Check-in begins at 3pm on the start date of our tour. A designated group airport transfer is included in your package, and will depart early afternoon on arrival day. Please make sure Pravassa has your flight itinerary so we can schedule your transfer. Our program will begin on arrival day with a welcome introduction followed by dinner. 

Our group departure for STI will leave the hotel around 10am on our final day. If you have an early morning departure we can arrange a private transfer for you payable to the driver. We will confirm our group airport transfers once we have travel plans from the group attendees.


  • The national language of the DR is Spanish. The resort staff and tour guides will speak English, but most of the locals will not. As a conscious traveler we suggest you download a translation app such as Google Translate and learn hello, good morning, please and thank you.
  • The currency is the Dominican Peso with the current exchange rate at $1 US = 45 Pesos. This number can fluctuate, so we suggest downloading a currency app to your phone for quick conversions. Cash is King for small purchases such as tips, dining in neighborhood restaurants and massages - so be prepared. There is NO NEED to get Pesos before you arrive in the DR as everyone accepts USD. Prior to departure we will advise you on the best amount of spending cash to bring with you.
  • Visa or Mastercard is accepted for larger purchases. Call your credit card companies before you leave home and inform them of your trip. There's nothing worse than being stuck overseas with no access to money! 
  • Here's a sample of what you can expect to spend:
    • Bottle of Water - $1USD
    • Cappuccino - $2.5USD
    • Beer - $2.5USD
    • Kayaking tour - $45USD
  • Tipping for outside offerings is voluntary and typically 10% for restaurants, spa treatments, and taxis. 
  • Electricity is the same as in the US so no need to worry about bringing anything special.
  • Drinking filtered or bottled water is your best bet to stay healthy. It's cheap and available everywhere.
  • The DR is 1 hours ahead of EST during the time of our visit.
  • Taxes & Services charges are included in your Pravassa package. 

Travel Info

All traveler's passports MUST be valid for 6 months after date of entry into Dominican Republic. Please make sure to check your passport at least two months before your departure so you have time to update it if necessary. For US Citizens there is a $10 on arrival Visa fee to be paid.

For our week long trip you will only need casual clothing. You'll receive a full packing list, in our exclusive Wellness Travel Guide, before we depart, but to get started think about getting a small bottle of laundry soap to wash your clothes in the sink, pack light weight clothing, a yoga mat & props, yoga clothes, a bathing suit, ear plugs and a good pair of hiking shoes if you want to explore.

Fitness Level 

Please keep in mind that this is your vacation and you have the freedom to skip any wellness activity that does not resonate with you. 


Our yoga classes in the Dominican Republic will be an open-air room with ceiling fans. It can be hot and humid so be prepared to practice in these conditions. Classes will be a mixture of flow asana, meditation, and movement designed to encourage rejuvenation, healing, and rest, while at the same time creating heart openings, empowering, and stimulating you both physically and mentally. Our instructors, Moses Brown and Bita Jenkins, will customize their instructions to every fitness level. Beginners are always welcome.

Swimming/National Park

We'll be in the middle of a national park so rugged terrain will literally be at your feet. We suggest you bring sneakers with good treads and/or water shoes so you can wade out into the ocean. If you plan to be out for more than an hour, bring a day-pack so you can store extra water and sunscreen. Bikes are available to borrow at the hotel so you can also explore the salt-works area where Morton's cultivates their supply or ride to a local restaurant for lunch.

Health Concerns and Medical Emergencies

Pravassa will be purchasing a group travel protection plan for our travelers to help protect you, your trip, and your investment. The Plan Document, with full coverage details will be sent to you upon registration. Even if you're healthy, accidents can happen! Our group protection plan covers things such trip delay, lost luggage, accidents and emergencies. 

Stomach problems can be common when traveling. Drinking bottled or filtered water is the best way to stay healthy. We suggest you pack activated charcoal or oil of oregano to settle your stomach should it become upset. 


We will be visiting a remote area of the Dominican Republic where the locals are friendly and welcoming. While pickpocketing is prevalent around the world, if you are aware of your surroundings you'll have nothing to worry about. Please do not leave your belongings unattended at the beach and when off-property we suggest women dress respectfully in long pants or long skirts.

Climate and Weather

The Dominican Republic has that perfect Caribbean weather. Days will average around 85° with the possibility of a mid-afternoon tropical shower. Temperatures can cool at night to a breezy 65° so we suggest packing a loose cotton clothing, lots of sunscreen and some layers for sunset. 

What will I eat?   

Our trip will be based on a pescatarian offering (fish and vegetables). We have hired a wonderful chef and nutritionist who specializes in Caribbean cuisine to plan our menus for the week. The region offers a variety of freshly grown herbs and local ingredients from the sea and its rivers, including shrimp, lobster, octopus, grouper, snapper, mullet, tilapia, and crab. Fresh fruit from bananas to pineapples and guava to passion fruit will keep you hydrated and happy. For breakfast, we'll make sure you have a variety of healthy options and traditional foods to start your day. Such as coffee, fruit and yogurt. 

We can accommodate gluten-free allergies and other dietary concerns if we know about them in advance. 

What is NOT included in the vacation price?

International airfare, alcohol, any additional activities such as day tours, car rental, spa treatments, and personal expenses, which are not included in the package price.

Cell Phone & Internet Service

Our hotel has Wifi access, but please remember we visiting a remote area and cannot guarantee the connection. We ask that you download any movies, TV shows before you arrive so you do not monopolize the connection. We ask that you not bring your phone to our group dinners so that we may enjoy a daily digital detox. To keep in contact with home, use social media or download calling apps such as Skype, Viber, or What's App.

What else can I do while in the DR?

Think of our time together as the perfect opportunity to enjoy a digital detox and get out in nature. Water sports such as kayaking and snorkeling are popular as is hiking the wild west terrain. Spend your free time at the pool or beach or borrow a bicycle and ride 4 miles into the small town to explore. 

How Shall I Prepare?

Dominican Republic Info

Articles & blogs on the area can be found via this travel guide and this national newspaper.


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