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How do I get there?

Fly into/out of San Jose airport (SJO) in Costa Rica arriving by 1pm and departing after 12pm. Round-trip airfare for an economy-class ticket varies. We suggest keeping an eye on the price; tickets can go for as little as $500. Once we have booked the instructor's flight we forward the itinerary so you can try and match the flight pattern. If you prefer to have help booking your flight, let us know and we will refer you to our preferred agent.

We will be booking a round-trip shuttle from San Jose to Alajuela, which is included in your package cost. If your international flight arrives/departs outside of our suggested time, it will be your responsibility to make your way to Alajuela.

*DO NOT book your flight prior to contacting Pravassa to confirm the tour is departing. 

Arrival/Departure Information

Check-in begins at 3pm on the start date of our tour. Please note our resort is 1 hour from the airport with part of the journey down an unpaved bumpy road. On arrival day, the schedule will begin with our welcome gathering and yoga session at 5pm followed by the welcome dinner. We suggest packing some snacks to tide you over as there are very limited food options in the airport for lunch.


  • The national language is Spanish, but English is spoken by our hotel staff.
  • Local currency is Colon, but everyone takes US dollars. Cash is good for small purchases such as snacks, taxis and tips. We suggest bringing $100 USD in denominations of $20 or less. Credit cards are good for larger purchases or extras on your hotel bill. Here's a sample of what you expect to spend:
    • Coffee $2
    • Beer $3
    • Taxi $25 (for 4 people)
    • 60-minute Massage $120
  • Call your credit card companies before you leave home and inform them of your trip. There's nothing worse than being stuck overseas with no access to money! Visa or MasterCard are the preferred method of payment. Keep in mind some cards charge high international exchange fees.
  • Taxes & Service charges are included in your stay. 
  • Electricity and outlets in Costa Rica are the same as in the US so no need to bring anything extra.
  •  Shampoo, conditioner and soap is provided in each bathroom.
  • Drinking filtered water is your best bet to stay healthy. Our property offers filtered water so bring your refillable bottle with you.
  • Costa Rica is on Central Standard Time.

Travel Info

No visa's are needed for North American travelers. All traveler's passports MUST be valid for 6 months after date of entry into Costa Rica. Please make sure to check your passport at least two months before your departure so you have time to update it if necessary.

It's hot in the jungle so we suggest packing light. You'll receive a full packing list, but to get started you'll need: yoga clothes, bathing suit, ear plugs, flip flops, bug spray, sun screen and comfortable shoes for hiking.  

This trip does not offer travel or medical insurance. We strongly suggest you book your own when you book your flight or we are happy to help you arrange a policy.

about group wellness travel 

During our time together you will most likely experience the joys and frustrations of traveling in a group. You’ll meet amazing people from all walks of life and age groups. As a wellness traveler we ask that you be patient and understanding to the needs and preferences of the group. You will be traveling to new places and experiencing new things that may push you out of your comfort zone. Some things may get lost in translation, some countries may not have access to certain foods you like, some cultures may not do things how you like to do them. The easiest way to enjoy these experiences is to put on a big smile and be open to them. 

In order for the group dynamics to come together seamlessly for true #ChangedbyTravel experience, please remember that you have responsibilities to the group too. If you are requested to be at a certain place at a certain time, please don’t keep the rest of your travelers waiting. These experiences are more fun with friends along for the ride and we know you’ll make some life-long ones during our time together. 

Fitness Level

Please keep in mind that this is your vacation and you have the freedom to skip any wellness activity that does not resonate with you. Every class in Costa Rica is held in an open-air wood floor outdoor space.


Morning yoga sessions will be 60 to 90-minute asana classes that will challenge, stretch and stimulate your body combining movement and breath to create a relaxed and meditative state of mind. E-RYT 500 Yoga Instructor Karen Rider will customize her instructions to every level. Her teachings are a fusion of all of her trainings in the Iyengar, Ashtanga, Anusara and Vinyasa traditions. We will provide yoga mats and props for your use if you prefer not to travel with your own. Not to worry, beginners are always welcome.


Get ready to dive deep daily. Our guides Karen Rider and Lynne Dominick will lead educational workshops focused on providing tools to help you cultivate personal transformation through holistic wellness including meditation, Ayurveda, and group discussion.


Join us for a spectacular hike on the quartz mountain where we will have the opportunity to see monkeys, birds, lizards and a plethora of flowers. While challenging, you will be rewarded at the end of the 2-hour hike with breathtaking views and a great sense of accomplishment. Come prepared for this activity with hiking shoes or sneakers with good treads. 

Clean Living Workshop

Our local hosts will lead through a class in their teaching kitchen, heartbeat of the property and philosophy for living clean. Classes focus on raw food preparation, herbal medicine making, fermenting, juicing and sprouting. Our time together in the kitchen will go hand in hand with the other wellness offerings we're hosting.

Health Concerns and Medical Emergencies

The overall health care in Costa Rica is good and many people travel here specifically for reliable, inexpensive options. English speaking doctors, dentists and a hospital for serious conditions are all within easy reach of our property. This trip does not offer travel or medical insurance. We strongly suggest you book your own when you book your flight or we are happy to help you arrange a policy.

Stomach problems can be common when traveling. Drinking water is the best way to stay healthy. We suggest you pack activated charcoal or oil of oregano to settle your stomach should it become upset. 


Pickpocketing and stolen credit card numbers are the most common crimes in Costa Rica. Please leave your passport in the hotel safe and any good jewelry at home. If you head out to a local restaurant, we suggest paying in cash. If you pay with a credit card, ask the waiter to let you watch them swipe your card for payment.

Climate and Weather

We will be staying almost 5,000 feet above sea level. Temperatures range from 70-80 degrees during with day with high humidity. Evening will be cooler in the lower 60's.

We'll be traveling to Costa Rica during dry season where the sun rises at 6am and sets at 5:30pm.

What will I eat?   

Included in your package is daily coffee, tea, smoothie service, a mid-morning juice/ smoothie break, brunch, sunset tapas and a sit-down 3 course dinner nightly (except for Wednesday night).

The food is always fresh, local and gourmet. The focus for our meals together will be vegetarian with fresh caught fish or chicken a few times during our stay. If you have special dietary requests, we'll do our best to honor them if you can let us know is advance. Gluten-free and vegan options are typically available. 

What is NOT included in the vacation price?

International airfare, alcohol, any additional activities such as day tours, car rental, spa treatments, and personal expenses, which are not included in the package price.

Cell Phone & Internet Service

Wifi is available throughout the common areas and in many rooms of our hotel in Costa Rica. To keep in contact with home, we suggest social media or smartphone apps such as Skype, Viber, or What's App. We ask that you not bring your phone to our group dinners so that we may enjoy a daily digital detox

What else can I do while in Costa Rica?

Think of our time together as the perfect opportunity to enjoy a digital detox and be at one with nature as well as honoring your sleep cycle. Our property is designed for your complete relaxation, but we also know it can be fun to explore things nearby too. Hop in a taxi to visit Alajuela’s central market for souvenirs, the farmer’s market in Atenas or the nightlife of Escazu. 30-days prior to departure we'll forward our exclusive wellness travel guide with our favorite suggestions. 

How Shall I Prepare?

Books to read

Happier Than a Billionaire by Nadine Pisani who's humorous take on quitting her job and moving to Costa Rica will have you laughing and appreciating the pura vida nature of it all. 

Monkeys Are Made of Chocolate by Jack Ewing is a short story collection on animal, people and plants set during his time in Costa Rica.  


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